Raj minister says 2 negative Covid reports shown positive by hospital

In a major error, Rajasthan’s tourism minister Vishvendra Singh’s gunman and a Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) employee’s negative reports for COVID-19 were shown as positive, which created a panic-like situation in Bharatpur on Tuesday.

Singh expressed annoyance at the gross negligence on the part of the Bharatpur Medical College and took the issue to Twitter tagging Chief Minister Ashok Gehot, Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and State Health Minister Raghu Sharma.

Singh wrote, “A gross negligence has been reported in #Bharatpur regarding a sample testing for corona, in which negative reports from #SMS Hospital were declared positive by the Bharatpur Medical College. As a result, panic environment was created throughout the district.

“My security personnel and RTDC staff were declared positive, who were otherwise tested negative in the original report from Jaipur. When I examined the issue thoroughly, this negligence was revealed,” he added in his second tweet.