Raj Bill soon to make wearing masks mandatory

The Rajasthan government is planning to bring a legislation that will make wearing masks mandatory in the state.

The desert state shall become the first such state in the country to bring such a law.

On Monday evening, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot addressing a video conference said: “The state government is planning to make it mandatory to wear masks in the state to check the spread of Covid-19 infection.”

“A bill shall be tabled in the forthcoming assembly session. Washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining social distance are the only ways to prevent from the spread od Covid-19 till a vaccine is launched,” he said.

Gehlot was discussing the success of ‘No mask-No entry’ campaign launched in the state on October 2 with district collectors, college principals, corporation and council officials, district sports officials, NSS, Scout cadets amongst others in the vc.

He also called upon the NCC and NSS cadets to get connected to the campaign to defeat corona and help spread the message to every household.

“Till the time people are aware that those infected can spread covid infection to a healthy person without wearing masks, the campaign will not be successful, he added.

Gehlot also batted for a Diwali festivity without crackers.

“Firecrackers increase pollution, which can be a threat to the lives of Covid-19 patients. Going with medical advisories, we should celebrate Diwali without firecrackers this time and should also inspire others to do the same, he added.