Qualities Of A Competitive Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse practitioners are one of the noble jobs, yet it is highly undervalued. Nurses were neither given their due respect nor did they get a good salary. However, the scenario has been changed in a few years, and their contribution is society is now valued. Although, a lot has yet to be done in some countries like Australia nurse practitioners are now getting their deserved place.

Degree from an authentic and verified institute gives an edge to your resume, and it is highly likely that you get hired in a better environment with a fat paycheque comparatively. The online agnp programs are an authentic source, and nurses not only get professional training with a degree but also get a real insight into the work environment through practices that are part of their curriculum.  

An ordinary nurse can nurse the wound but a competitive nurse would not only nurse it well but also have a follow-up and would consider his duty to make patients aware of any side effects that medication might have. A competitive nurse practitioner possesses certain qualities, some of which are:

Caring and Friendly Attitude

A competitive nurse has a friendly demeanor and always wears a smile on his face. He gives out the good vibes, which makes people around him feel better.  Nurse practitioners have a specific set of responsibilities and expected to fulfill the demands of their jobs. Besides these responsibilities, a competitive nurse practitioner is polite, kind, helpful and goes out of his way to make his patients feel better. He believes that medication helps in curing the disease, but medicines with friendliness make patients feel good about themselves. An ailing person with a friendly nurse has a positive outlook of life, whereas a patient suffering from the same intensity dealing with an unfriendly nurse would feel low. The personal attributes of soft skills are just an addition to the qualities of a nurse.

Strong and Enduring 

Success in any field largely depends on the personal skills of a professional. Strong psychological and physical endurance serves as a plus in professional and the same goes for the nurse practitioners.  Although nurses have a set duty hour but times they are required to stay on their feet for long straight hours. This calls for strong endurance. On the other hand, nurses have to deal with all emotional and psychological trauma, though indirectly. Still physical, emotional and mental strength serves as an added quality and helps them stay on their feet and do their job efficiently.

Good Observational Skills

The difference between an effective and ineffective nurse practitioner is that an effective nurse always keeps his eyes open. He is attentive to minute details and observes everything thoroughly. A competitive nurse practitioner, while doing his mundane chores, would keep observing his surroundings, from people’s attitudes to happenings around here and there. Many at times their attentiveness help in avoiding mishaps, and if unfortunately, it occurs, they can keep the loss at a minimum.


One of the significant characteristics of successful people is that they have a sense of prioritizing and understand the importance of it. Putting the first thing first is a habit that helps in getting tasks done. Nurses often have to deal with situations where they are required to do multiple tasks at once. Multi-tasking is a concept that is gradually losing its essence after having proof that it does not serve useful in the long run. A competitive nurse has an inbuilt instinct that helps him in deciding which task is more critical and requires his immediate attention.

Communication Skills

A person possessing excellent communication skills have the edge over a person who may be very good at his job but lacks in communication. Although communication skills do not fill up the lack of professional expertise, they are an added quality that helps an expert in his field. A competent nurse knows the power of tone and words and uses appropriate tone and talks with patients. His communication with sick kids and adults would be entirely different; albeit, he would be polite in dealing with both parties. Similarly, patients sometimes come in a terrible state of mind and often suffering from trauma. Other person’s words and attitude works wonders for them, and a competitive nurse understands the importance of it and uses it accordingly.

Dealing with Stress

Nobody in this age is immune to stress and nurses also get suffered from occasional anxiety. Nurses also deal with personal and professional stress and yet are expected to deal with their patients in a friendly manner and to continue with their work as if everything is all right. Nurses understand that stress is real and cannot be avoided; however, it doesn’t need to create havoc in their lives. A compelling nurse practitioner does not leave stress outside his workplace but also does not let his stress getting in the way of getting his job done.


An efficacious nurse practitioner is able to show the same enthusiasm for his job at 3 am as he shows at 2 pm. The long tiring hours understandably wear him down, but he does not let it diminish his positivity, motivation, and enthusiasm for his job. The truth is the last patient also deserves the same care, attention, respect, time and energy as the first few patients of the day. It is too much to ask from nurse practitioners, but nursing is a job that sometimes requires a nurse to give their more than 100 percent.


Patience is the key that helps nurse practitioners in dealing with their patients’ day in and day out. Patients sometimes go unreasonable with their demands and get difficult to handle. It takes endurance and courage to not only listen to them but also reason with them. Unfortunately, nurses often have to deal with these kinds of people and most of the time they come unannounced. A competent nurse does not lose its patience, and no matter how unreasonable his patients get, he tries his best to deal with them softly and politely.


Nurse practitioners need to have a multitude of all these skills and amalgamation of these attributes and abilities makes a nurse stand out. Soft interpersonal skills go very long in any profession. Still, in the nursing profession, it is of utmost importance as they are expected to deal with humans in their vulnerable conditions. Accidents occur without any prior warnings, and sometimes nurses find themselves amidst chaos and to stay up front, confident, and the patient becomes incredibly tricky. It is times like these, and a competitive nurse stands out. A professional degree, proper training, and personal skills all are necessarily attributed to a competitive nurse practitioner.