Properties of Shellfish and its Health Benefits

No myth both fish and seafood contain properties that provide us with important benefits. 

The seafood has many benefits as whitefish, for example, because it contains the same nutrients and proteins themselves. The only difference is that seafood contains a greater amount of uric acid, so that people suffering from blood pressure should limit or directly avoid its consumption. For the rest, they only offer us benefits.

Shellfish have high levels of vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as zinc, selenium, iron and more. These elements make it an essential food to prevent cardiovascular diseases and also to protect the body against prostate and esophageal cancer.

Within seafood, we find two groups:

1. Crustaceans: prawns, lobsters, prawns

2. Molluscs:

– Bivalves: mussels, clams, cockles, knives, oysters, scallops

– Univalvos: snails

– Cephalopods: octopus, squid, cuttlefish

But what are the basic properties of seafood?

  1. Proteins

Seafood is recommended in diets to lose weight because, due to their large amounts of protein, they satisfy hunger quickly. They also offer few calories with good nutrients for our body. They are also perfect foods for athletes, because they are lean and protein.

  1. Vitamins A, B, D and E.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant function while the B complex has a good dose of folic acid, which is essential in the diet of pregnant women, since it prevents nutritional anemias. Vitamin A is perfect for skin care and vision.

  1. Omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Seafood is low in carbohydrate and most of them have a low fat content, which does not reach 2% of its composition. Only squid, mussels or prawns have a high proportion of cholesterol.

  1. 80% of the weight of shellfish is water.
  2. Minerals

The main minerals contained in shellfish are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, iodine, iron and chlorine. Some seafood, such as clams, cockles, mussels and baby squids, have a high content of iron and calcium.

  1. Purines.

These are responsible for increasing the level of uric acid in the blood.

  1. Low energy value

This condition is fulfilled as long as the seafood is cooked under non-fatty methods, and without sauces.

Health benefits

Polyunsaturated fats reduce the risk of clot formation, protect us from the onset of cardiovascular diseases and reduce fats toxic to the body such as “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

But they also provide proteins of high biological value, necessary for growth and development. Its contribution of calcium benefits the bone structure and also prevents osteoporosis. For its part, iodine content prevents diseases such as goiter. Thanks to its low caloric intake, Global Seafoods is a food that can be included in diets indicated to lose weight.

How to consume seafood? Recommendations.

First we have to be sure that the seafood we are going to consume is fresh. Then, we have to remember that the biological cycle of seafood reaches its best stage between the months of November to March, or between autumn and winter. During the hot months, the meat is softer and sagging.

If we choose crustaceans, we must make sure that they are intact and that they maintain a pleasant smell. If we buy them alive, we have to observe their eyes: they must be black and bright. On the other hand, if we choose molluscs we have to verify that their valves are well closed. The cephalopods must present a smooth and firm skin, without stains and of pearly color.

We can combine seafood with other meats and fish so that your consumption is still a bit healthier. The ideal is to consume fish and maricos three times a week, and the ration stipulated as normal varies between 125 and150 gramsof weight, when it is raw. As a side dish, we can prepare roasted or boiled vegetables, salads and rice dishes; this way we will obtain a really varied meal that will provide all the nutrients our body needs. The cooking methods recommended for seafood are steamed, grilled, boiled or baked. These methods do not raise their caloric contributions.

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