Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium is an essential electrolyte that is required by our body for the proper functioning of muscles, heart and nerves. Deficiency of potassium causes sudden muscle cramps and spasms, weakness, digestive issues, muscle stiffness, numbness and tingling, breathing difficulty and heart palpitation. It is a vital mineral required by the body to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Our body requires 4,700 mg of potassium daily (however, in people with kidney diseases potassium requirement might be different).

It is essential to get the right amount of potassium from your diet. Still, most of the people do not get potassium from the food they eat. The reason behind is lack of knowledge of foods rich in potassium. Below is the list to help you out.

Potassium Rich Foods

  1. Fruits – Fruits rich in potassium grapefruit, banana, oranges, raisins, dates, prunes, honeydew, apricots, and cantaloupe.
  2. Vegetable – Vegetables rich in potassium are cooked spinach, cooked broccoli, mushroom, peas, potatoes with skin, in sweet potatoes, eggplant pumpkin in, leafy greens, zucchini, etc.
  3. Beans and Legumes – Pinto beans, kidney beans, soya beans, lentils, lima beans are high in potassium.
  4. Dairy – The low-fat milk and yoghurt good sources of potassium.
  5. Juices – Uses of Potassium-rich food such as apricot juice, tomato juice and orange juices are a good choice.
  6. Fishes rich in potassium – Certain fishes that contain potassium are Cod, rock fish, trout, halibut, and tuna.

*Besides the above foods items, poultry bran cereal whole wheat bread and pasta molasses are also rich sources of potassium.

*Potassium salt substitutes are available in the market. To check the potassium levels, please read the label.

Now let me list you top foods that are an excellent source of potassium.

Top Food Sources Rich In Potassium

1. Banana – One medium size of banana contains about 422 mg potassium. It is advised to have a banana if you are suffering from night cramps to delete your symptom.

2. Spinach – When we talk about food sources rich in potassium banana is first to strike. Nevertheless, do you know spinach provides more potassium in comparison to banana per serving? One cup of frozen spinach contains about 540 mg potassium and 3 cups fresh spinach contains 558 mg potassium. Also, spinach also a rich source of folate magnesium Vitamin C and vitamin A.

3. Sweet Potato- One medium size of sweet potato doles 12% Al. Besides, it is also a rich source of fibre vitamin A and protein.

4. Avocados – A half avocado fulfils 10% Al.  It is also a rich source of daily folate and Vitamin K.

5. Pomegranate – This multi-seed fruit is a fantastic source of potassium. Just one fruit contains about 666 mg of potassium. Also, it contains about 11 grams of fibre does slow the digestion and make you feel full for long. Pomegranates also are packed with Vitamin K Vitamin C for folate and specific proteins.

6. Dried Apricot – Dried apricots have a long shelf life. Six apricot provides you with 10% of Al that is about 488 mg of potassium. In addition, it is a good source of vitamin E, vitamin A and fibre.

7. Beetroot – Beetroot is the deep purple coloured vegetable. Pickled half-boiled or add it to the salad. One cup of boiled beet gives you around 518 mg of potassium and contains nitrate that converts into nitric oxide and supports the blood vessel function heart health.

Therefore, as you can see there are many healthy food options that are a great source of potassium. Aim to include the above food sources in your daily diet to boost up your potassium intake.

However, if you have kidney issues then before making any changes in your diet, better consult your doctor.

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