Planet Fitness Membership : How to Cancel

Planet Fitness membership cancelling is not an easy task. However, it is possible to do it as long as the member has patience to through the whole process and is willing to jump across some contractual hoops.

Like many professional gyms, Planet Fitness Membership becomes one-way affair for many as they do not know how to cancel the membership.

Planet Fitness Membership : Methods to Cancel it

  • Understanding Your Planet Fitness Contract
  • Cancelling the Contract in Person
  • Cancelling by Certified Letter

Understanding Planet Fitness Contract

Find the contract that you have signed with Planet Fitness when you first joined it. You may have signed up with a “no contract” / “no sign-up fee” promotional offer, but you still have signed an agreement which gives you a right or designates you with how to cancel and a list of those situations that allow you to waive the cancellation fees.

Read the contract. The contract lays out the exact terms and conditions, and it is your right to get informed. You should also know whether you have signed an annual or monthly contract. Regardless of whether you pay annually or monthly, you are likely to have signed a 1-year contract.

Check your contract renewal date. If you only have a couple of months left on contract, it will be easier to wait a month or two for the contract to cancel on its own to avoid any cancellation fees which can be as much as 5 or 6 months of regular payments.

Pay attention to the billing cycle. Typically,

  • For a monthly contract, you must cancel before the 10th of the month.
  • For an annual contract, you must cancel before the 25th of the month prior.

Think of a fitness contract like a leasing contract. You have to give 30 days notice and fees for early cancellation. These are common with most of the professional gyms. In case, when you do not cancel the membership in a proper designated manner, you may have to pay money in total.

Get gym fees waived. You can have the fees waived in case you can give written proof of any injury or that you are moving out of range of a Planet Fitness.

  • In case of an injury, ask doctor to write a note confirming that you will be unable to use the gym facilities.
  • In case of moving to a new place, it must be farther than 25 miles (40 km) away from any Planet Fitness location, ask employer to write a relocation letter, and ensure to provide a map specifying where you will be moving.

You will be required to pay the cancellation fee, in case you are not able to prove your point of inability to go to the gym.

Cancelling the Contract in Person

Write down the information you will require. First and foremost, you will be required to get your membership identification number ready with you. Some personal information, like address, social security number, driver’s license number, and date of birth will also be asked to confirm.

Write a one-page application requesting to cancel the membership. Ensure it is in accordance with the contract’s specifications. Do mention in the application that you wish to cancel your membership and cancellation fee to be waived in case you’re eligible. You must give a valid reason for cancellation. The documentation must be submitted to verify your claim to be included with the application. Some vital personal information must be included with the last four digits of your social security number and your driver’s license number, duly signed.

Planet Fitness requires a written cancellation. Clearly indicate what each piece of documentation is at the top of the page.

Check the hours of working and location of Membership Services department. Call the department requesting a meeting to cancel your membership. Tell them you wish to cancel the membership and that is why you need to meet with a representative, and give them the written documentation.

Do not commit to a oral reply. Ask for the cancellation in writing and request a signature from an employee to be used as a proof that you cancelled your membership, as you may need it later.

Check for cancellation of any future monthly payments. You may require to pay another month, but ensure that payment is cancelled after that to settle your accounts full and final.

Ask for an appropriate contact person. In case you run into trouble after canceling or being charged improper fees — you must have a contact to talk to and get the necessary help to address the issue.

Follow your credit card or bank statements. Check your bank statement regularly for next three months in case you might be charged monthly or annual charges. Although it should not show up, but in case it happens you must contact the gym.

Call Membership Services for any extra charges were taken out. Act immediately to avoid losing money.

Visit in person. Show gym authorities the cancellation in writing to prove that you have done so in case the gym is still insisting you pay.

Cancelling by Certified Letter

You may send a certified letter. Because certified letters can be tracked, you can ensure that the gym received the letter. Buy the postage for certified mail at the post office or online to send a certified letter. Certified mail is only applicable to priority or first-class mail.

Choose electronic or physical delivery of the signature. More importantly, you are proving that someone at Planet Fitness accepted and signed for the letter. You will get there actual signature back if you choose the physical signature, or you will be emailed a copy of their electronic signature if you choose the other option.

Collect all your documents alongwith letter together. Don’t forget to include a letter requesting the cancellation of membership, with proper documentation, personal information, and justified reason for waiving your fees, if applicable. Request the gym to send a notice of cancellation in writing and provide a follow-up phone call to confirm the membership has been cancelled.

Take the letter to the post office. Certified mail has to be given to an employee to receive a return signature.

Must call the gym in case of non-confirmation of notice of cancelled membership. Call and talk to an employee in case you don’t receive notification about cancellation of membership within a week and a half. You may need to visit in person.

Check your accounts. Check your bank statement regularly for next three months in case you might be charged monthly or annual charges. Although it should not show up, but in case it happens you must contact the gym.

Hoping that the above information will be helpful to you for cancelling your Planet Fitness Membership,