Phenibut – What Is It, Why and How to Use It?


If you just have started using nootropics or are really interested in those substances, we are sure that you have heard about Phenibut. Reviews of Phenibut varies – some claims its the most effective nootropics they have used, some say that it has a few side effects. Despite different views, one thing that we for sure know – Phenibut is one of the whole time best sellers at www.rawpowders.com. What is Phenibut and why people are so passionate about Phenibut supplement? You will know it all right now!

What is Phenibut and how does it work? 

Phenibut (also scientific known as Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCL) is one of the most popular nootropics on the market today. Phenibut stimulates your dopamine receptors and in this way you achieve “zen” feeling or “feel good” mood. You can use Phenibut supplement either you feel exhausted by your workouts or do a lot of mental work. It is worth knowing that Phenibut is kind of strong nootropic and has a long half-life. That means it takes some time for effects to kick in after taking it, but it is also works for a long time. Due to this it is really important not to overdose this nootropic because if you do – some side effects like dizziness or nausea can kick in afterwards. To put it in simple words, think about Phenibut as alcohol – if you drink too much, the next day can be really awful. 

Why people use Phenibut?

As we mentioned before, Phenibut is really strong nootropic and has positive effects. Key benefits of Phenibut include such as anxiety reduction, sleep improvement and stress relief. It is also used for treating conditions as insomnia – Phenibut supplement helps to relax and you fall asleep faster and sleep better than usual. What are the  results after taking this nootropic? Better mood, reduced anxiety, relaxation and better quality sleep. Phenibut also has a calming effect and helps you to be more social. Worth mentioning that Phenibut is also used to treat depression. 

How to use phenibut?

Phenibut doesn’t work fast never mind if you take small or bigger dosages. Ir you are new to nootropics, be comfortable with smallest dosages first and only increase portions if you feel the need to do it. Phenibut supplement is safe and convenient to use both in tablets or pure powder. The recommended dosage of Phenibut is from  250 to 1000 mg according to your needs. If you have doubts about how much you need – we recommend to consult with nootropic experts. We are sure, that Raw Powders™ will be able to help!

The key task of Phenibut is to ensure that you feel more relaxed and more rested after taking it. The purpose is that you do your daily routines more motivated, not more depressed. It is really popular nootropic in the market but it can be hard to find really good quality pure Phenibut supplement. Be sure that you can buy certified and high quality Phenibut in powdered form or in tablets at rawpowders.com

image credit: Phenibut via BARRUS/shutterstock