Over 5 people commit suicide daily during lockdown in Jharkhand

The mental depression is proving to more dangerous than coronavirus in Jharkhand these days. If data of suicides is taken into consideration during lockdown and Unlock 1.0, the average of people committing suicide everyday is 5.5.

According to data of the state government, 449 people have committed suicide in March, April and upto June 25. In June itself 134 people have committed suicide. One person is committing suicide every 4.50 hours.

Psychiatrists say that the depression due to lockdown has made deep impact on minds of the people.

“During lockdown and Unlock 1.0 around 1,200 people suffering from depression have approached our institute. During lockdown we were getting more than 150 phone calls everyday from people suffering from depression. There were 20 per cent people who had given up hope to live and wanted to end their life,” said a doctor at the Central Institute of Psychiatry here.

Dr Sanjay Kumar Mandal, a psychiatrist of CIP admitted a large number of people approached the institute during lockdown suffering from depression.

In state capital Ranchi, 55 people committed suicide from April 1 to June 25. Psychiatrists say that economic slowdown, fear of losing jobs, unemployment and other factors caused deep depression among people. The sense of insecurity prompted many people to commit suicide.

“People were locked inside homes during lockdown which led to rise in disputes among family members, and domestic violence witnessed spurt. These factors promoted many people to commit suicide as they were unable to control their emotions. The right counselling within family could have saved many lives” said psychiatrist Ajay Kumar.