Osteoarthritis: Risk factors, Calming discomfort

Osteoarthritis is a widespread illness in the world. It gets worse with the lack of activity.

Jimmy Mohamed, the health consultant for Europe 1, announced that the most effective solution is “to move to relieve yourself”. Osteoarthritis is a deplorable, chronic condition that affects the joints.

Osteoarthritis manifests itself by the destruction of the cartilage located at the level of the bone ends, which form the joints.

Risk factors

Age, inheritance and being overweight are undoubtedly criteria for the onset of osteoarthritis, according to Dr Jimmy.

The age factor: Osteoarthritis does not only affect the elderly. All age groups are concerned. It can start around 40 years old.

Genetic factor: When you have parents who have suffered from osteoarthritis, there is a good chance that you have it too. The location of osteoarthritis in the hands is rarely hereditary.

Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for osteoarthritis, the health consultant said. “It’s a mechanical story: the more weight you have on your knees, the more stress is going to be. And when you are overweight, you will synthesize inflammatory molecules which will contribute to aggravate the destruction of your cartilage”.

With the confinement imposed by covid-19, men experience more joint pain. Rheumatologists have concluded after the observation that the patients are in much more pain than before. “Inactivity is the enemy of our joints,” Europe 1 concluded.

Sport, the best solution

In the case of osteoarthritis, physical activity should be the first resort. It must pass well before paracetamol.

“When you have lumbago with your back blocked, you are told to move. It is the same with osteoarthritis or any other rheumatic disease. Getting active will help fight against the stiffness of your joints because physical activity will have several benefits,” explained the specialist.

Sport promotes the production of anti-inflammatory molecules, which slow the progression of the disease and reduce pain. It also allows the patient to lose some weight. “If you just lose 5% of your weight, you will see your osteoarthritis decrease and have less pain.”

What sport performed?

Doctor Jimmy Mohamed advises patients to do a sport that makes them happy. It can be running, cycling, yoga, stretching …

True, there are drugs to treat the pathology; but this is a temporary solution.

The doctor adds that seeing a physiotherapist is an option he encourages. “They will allow you to take care of your joints and support you in your resumption of physical activity.”

Osteoarthritis is one of the common joint condition in the world. The secret is to be on the move, so avoid spending a whole day sitting at home or work.