New Tech – Virus-Killing Clothes

Virus-Killing Clothes

Your clothes could soon be made with virus-busting fabric

The technology could help protect frontline workers from illness

A specialist fabric with virus- and bacteria-busting properties could offer vital health protection, especially for those on the front line, such as paramedics, hospital workers, cops, firefighters, and soldiers.

The technology has been around for years and involves compounds called N-halamines that are capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses quickly and efficiently. But the challenge has been getting the protective finish onto workers’ uniforms in a way that makes it compatible with mass manufacturing processes.

Now, a team led by Patricia Dolez at the Canada’s University of Alberta is working to develop a way to scale it up for mass production.

The one-year project will involve Dolez and her team focusing on improving the short- and long-term performance of an N-halamines-related fabric finish that the researchers have been exploring.

Read more – https://www.ualberta.ca/folio/2023/01/researchers-aim-to-make-virus-killing-clothing-a-good-fit.html