Natural remedies to help your loved one live better with dementia

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When living with dementia, there are plenty of natural remedies to help your loved one get the most out of life. Music has been shown to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on those with the condition. Music is a key to memories and can help to unlock their past as music helps to tap into areas of the brain not affected by dementia. This can bring a great deal of comfort and joy to both your loved one and to you.

Music therapy for dementia can be a wonderful way to connect together, both for the family and for those caring for them. A dementia music player can provide a source for consistent enjoyment and can help to bring greater quality of life to your loved one living with dementia. Music choices are a uniquely individual experience and can help to open up a family history. Music for dementia can provide a window into the past and using technology especially tailored to those with the condition, now there is no reason not to enjoy more music and entertainment options as part of their dementia care. Music players designed especially for those with dementia are simple to use and create a sense of independence and familiarity, with most players ready to go with just the touch of a single button.

As music can target areas of the brain unaffected by dementia, it is also a great tool for aiding with cognitive stimulation. Put simply, music can reach other parts of the brain that words alone simply can’t. Studies have shown time and again the positive effects playing music can induce for those living with dementia and the wonderful stories and memories it can help them to recall. Bespoke playlists are an excellent way to help your loved one reconnect with their past. Those who listen to music regularly have also been found to be less at risk from suffering with common side effects of dementia, such as depression and agitation, which makes listening to music much more powerful than just a means to pass the time.

Not just a source of entertainment and connection, music can also be very relaxing and stress relieving. Playing music can help to create a more comforting care environment not just for your loved one but for those caring for them too. For those who are struggling to sleep or prefer to enjoy music privately, there are plenty of headphone options to still be able to enjoy listening to music whilst resting, including specialist sleep headbands for maximum comfort and ease of use.

If you think that your loved one may benefit from having more music in their life as part of their care, then why not visit and explore the great range of options and find the best fit for your family click here to explore the many ways to live better with dementia.