Music therapy for corona patients in Lucknow hospital

Corona patients at the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS) in Lucknow, now wake up to a mix of Bollywood songs that are being played in the wards every morning.

Doctor Srikesh Singh, spokesperson for the RMLIMS, said, “The FM radio plays in the common area accessed by both patients and doctors. Anyone can come, listen and even dance a bit if they want. The songs are proving to be mood lifters and help in wiping off the melancholic atmosphere in the corona wards.”

The 200-bed COVID hospital of the institute is in its women and child wing block on the Shaheed Path. Patients are provided with cubicles where they stay during their treatment. The nursing station is in front of the cubicles and the speakers for music have been put up here.

Doctor Devashish Shukla, senior psychiatrist with the RMLIMS, said “Music therapy has a positive impact on patients suffering from depression. With the current pandemic situation, anxiety levels go up, especially in patients suffering from corona. Hence, music will help to give patients the confidence they need for recovery.”

Doctor Abhishek Shukla, an expert in geriatric medicine and founder of Aastha Geriatric Hospital, said, “Among elderly patients, music helps elevate the willpower, especially in times of sickness.”

Srikesh Singh said, “Patients, at times, were seen enjoying music individually on their phones so we decided to play music for all. It does not feel like a hospital when you wake up and listen to music.”

The music is played at a low volume so that it does not disturb those wanting to take a nap during the day. At night, the radio is switched off so that patients can have a sound sleep.

“There has been a positive feedback not only from patients, but also the medical staff who feel relaxed even while working under tremendous pressure,” said Singh.