Medical treatment for shoulder pain [Infographic]

Medical treatment for shoulder pain [Infographic]

shoulder pain

Exercising at the gym or even doing regular everyday activities, like carrying heavy shopping bags, we are all subjected to shoulder pain. Anyone who has experienced that at least once, knows how painful it is. Thus, it’s so important to implement early treatment and not ignore the problem. Waiting until it goes away isn’t a proper approach. You may do serious harm to yourself. So, take a look at what you can do in the early stages of shoulder pain before you decide to see a specialist.


The first thing people usually do when they feel pain is taking painkillers. And that’s good. But remember that these medications should be anti-inflammatory as well so that they not only relieve pain but also reduce inflammation, which often appears in tendonitis, arthritis, and other shoulder injuries. So, take such medicines as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, and observe their effects after a few days.

Cold Compresses

Along with painkillers, you can’t forget about other, more direct methods used in the shoulder treatment. Use cold compresses to the area that hurts you the most. You can use, for example, an ice pack up to 20 minutes, but never put it directly on bare skin. You should repeat this activity up to five times a day. It’ll cool your shoulder and bring you longed-for relief.


If you’ve already tried all these methods or cold compresses aren’t for you since you can’t stand the chill of ice, opt for compression. All you need for that is an elastic medical bandage that you’ll buy in every pharmacy. Then wrap your sore shoulder into it, but not too tight so that you won’t block blood flow. Rightly applied compression will reduce swallowing and pain.

All of these treatment methods mentioned above are quite easy and can be used at home. However, if the pain doesn’t stop or even increases, then you definitely should see a specialist, ideally a physiotherapist. You’ll find more advice for dealing with shoulder pain in this nice infographic, provided by Kemper Medical

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