Lucknow couple develops ‘goggle mask’ for greater comfort

Lucknow couple develops ‘goggle mask’ for greater comfort

With face masks now becoming an essential accessory for all, a new variation called ‘goggle mask’ has been developed by an entrepreneurial couple in Lucknow.

The mask has been developed by ‘Desi Dhaga’, a fully swadeshi company owned by Mridula Sahay Mehrotra and her husband Ankur Mehrotra.

Mridula , has done her post-graduation from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, while, Ankur was a banker, who left a cushy multi-national job to launch Desi Dhaga.

Talking to IANS, Mridula said, “The goggle mask fits into the face like an eye glass and is user-friendly. It weighs only five to seven grams. It is air-tight and does not exert pressure on your nose. It does not cause any strain on the ears-unlike the elastic masks that are available in the market.”

She said that the mask which allows the user to breathe in and out comfortably will be available in the market soon.

Meanwhile, Supratim Tripathi, professor and practitioner, said, “Occipital Neuralgia is a type of headache caused by pressurised nerve and pain behind ears on prolonged use of elastic mask. It even causes scalp sensitivity. But wearing a mask is now mandatory across the world during COVID-19 pandemic. It has got to be worn in all public places to stay safe. We do need safer, strain-less masks that do not exert any pressure on the ears.”

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