Legal Highs: Why They Maybe More Than Just a Legal Way of getting high (Potential medical benefits)

The over-excess usage of illicit drugs for the recreational purpose has been one of the most common and dreadful phenomena that has haunted the law enforcement and of course, the parents since long. These illicit drugs contain harmful chemical substance on a molecular level that can trigger several side effects if used in excess quantity. However, one of the latest developments in this field might have finally initiated a way to use these drugs in a positive manner.

This development comes in the form of the discovery of a peculiar plant that possesses chemical composition equivalent to that found in the traditional form of illicit drugs. However, it contains less to a negligible amount of intoxicants that are primarily responsible for causing the various known side effects. 

Legal high is a generic term given to such types of plants that mimics the basic characteristics of other types of illegal drugs, but their core chemical composition differs on a molecular level, making them safer for consumption and they also possess a vast multitude of potential health benefits (if used in right quantity).

How are legal highs sold?

To avoid the usage of legal highs in bulk or excessive quantities, they are mainly sold online through some specific traders. Legale Mischung is one of those places where you can legally purchase legal highs.

Some of the crucial health benefits that legal highs have the potential of promoting are as follows –

1. Relieves chronic pain

The ability to reduce the extent of chronic pain is probably the most important medical application of legal highs. In contradiction to other health beneficial aspects of legal highs that are mostly based on their molecular composition, chronic pain relief is medically proven. This factor is primarily attributed to the presence of a specific compound called cannabinoid in legal highs which play the key role of lessening the discomfort experienced due to chronic pain.

In fact, studies show that chronic pain relief is the most commonly cited reason for people purchasing legal highs. However, they do not produce the equivalent impressive result when dealing with severe pain relief.       

2. It may help you with your drug addiction and Alcoholism

Ironic? Legal highs are themselves one of the subsidiary branches of the drug family cannabis Sativa, so, yes, it’s ironic that it may actually help you with your addiction problem. This has got to do with the crucial chemical tweak that occurs on a molecular level in legal highs. A comprehensive review based on the journal Clinical Psychology review showed that drugs containing TBH or cannabinoids could have positive effects in decreasing the dependency nature on other intoxicant substances.

However, a study conducted by the National Academies of Science claims the contradicting result. The amount of usage of such legal highs seems to play a key role, wherein excessive utilization produces negative results and vice-versa.

3. It may help in treating Epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approved the usage of drugs containing CBD, aka Cannabidiol for treating patients suffering from two rare forms of Epilepsy-Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These two specific forms of Epilepsy are considered rare and difficult to treat using other types of conventional medications. In such cases, legal high may potentially be used for such treatments since it also contains the primary chemical compound approved by the FDA, Cannabidiol.

A case study conducted in 2017 to analyze the effect of drugs containing CBD on these two specific forms of Epilepsy showed significantly positive results as patients with Dravet syndrome experienced lesser seizure occurrence.

4. Helps in slowing down the cancer cell progression

One of the most promising and potential health benefits of legal highs is that it may actually help in slowing down the progression of cancer cells by hindering them from multiplying. This is achieved through a mechanism in which the active compound, Cannabidiol blocks off cancer-causing cell called Id-1.

A research conducted by the California Pacific Medical Center drew conclusive evidence to support the claim that CBD does play a crucial role in preventing the growth of cancer cells. The research was performed on breast cancer cells, and by the end of the experiment, CBD had successfully reduced the Id-1 expression.

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