Kushfly – deluxe cannabis on demand delivery service in LA


Kushfly is a deluxe cannabis on demand delivery service in the Los Angeles area. Kushfly delivers the fastest local delivery service at under 45 minutes with the highest quality of both brands and customer service. We cater our customers with exclusive brands and top choice strains, concentrates, and edibles. We take pride in our rapid delivery, first-rate customer service, and personalized daily discounts. Hundreds of Kushfly customers say we go above and beyond to build an inclusive community with each and every interaction.  We are ready to “WOW” you as you learn more about what we do every day for our customers who we believe feel like family.

On Demand L.A Delivery

Kushfly.com offers effortless and efficient ways to get what you crave. To ensure you get what you deserve as quickly as possible, we always go the extra mile. That’s why we offer daily under 45 minute On Demand Los Angeles Delivery! In addition to our rapid delivery, our customers keep returning to us for our affordable delivery rates. On Demand LA Delivery is FREE when you spend $50 or more. Don’t need $50 worth of Kush? Delivery is only $4.99 after your $25 minimum purchase.

Same Day SoCal Delivery

Bummed you’re not in Los Angeles? If you are in Orange County, San Fernando Valley, or surrounding cities, we will still fulfill your needs with our Same Day SoCal Delivery every Monday-Saturday between 6:00pm-10:00pm.

Personalized Customer Service

Our customers say they enjoy our fast and convenient ordering and delivery.  They also appreciate the personal dedication we have to providing top notch customer service each and every time they order. Our friendly budtenders have expansive product knowledge to satisfy your needs, ensuring you receive exactly what you are looking for. Our customers also credit our drivers for being efficient, patient, and kind. Kushfly customers continue to return as they appreciate our diligence to problem solve and cater to their needs.

Daily Deals Expand Your Cannabis Experience

Our new customer discount will also have you coming back again and again…and again. We offer so many promotions each week with our daily deals because we love honoring our customers. We are going to give you 20% off your first 3 orders to show you how much we appreciate you giving us a try. That’s right. Your first THREE orders as a new customer will allow you to enjoy 20% off. We believe our customers deserve the best; that is why KushFly provides prime customer service and catered personalized daily promotions that allow you to expand your cannabis experience, all while getting your order rapidly and discreetly delivered to your door in Los Angeles. We regularly offer BOGO deals, discounts, and surprises on your favorite products. When you subscribe to our Daily Deals you’ll be able to try more for less.


Top Grade and Exclusive Strains

We take pride in delivering top grade marijuana strains, ensuring on demand elevation. Our extensive flower list includes best sellers such as Jack Herer, Wedding Cake, Apple Fritters, Blue Dream, Thin Mint Cookies, Banana OG, Biscotti, and more. Our exclusive strain, Los Exotics, is a premium flower that provides the best indica, sativa, and hybrids containing between 27%-31% THC on the market. Top flavor-packed strains include: Ice Cream Cake, Grape Soda, Gelato Sundae, Gellonade, Italian Trufflez, Hawaiian Snow, Jealousy, Gelato #41, Runtz, and AMG. Each specializing in their own unique experiences from relaxation to euphoria, Los Exotics is the most desired brand and is only available at Kushfly.

Enticing Edibles and Concentrates

Kushfly also delivers top grade marijuana concentrates such as honey oil, wax, shatter, crumble, hash, cannabis oil, and putty. We also provide the best marijuana vaporizers: Kushbee, Elite Extracts, and 2020 Future Cartridges. When craving the ultimate indulgence, we carry your favorite edibles (bars, brownies, cookies, quenchers, gummies, candies) and drinks from notable brands such as Meraki, Smashed Plus, Quarantine, Lyt, Hemp Bombs, Chronic Candy, Loud Edibles, Dollar Dose, STNDRD, Social, Select CBD, Wow Edibles, Whiz Edibles, and more!

Earn Cash or KushCredit When You Refer A Friend

Kushfly is an inclusive environment as we encourage bringing communities together. We feel like our customers are family and we want our customers to feel the same way. In addition to our speedy and supportive customer service, we want to offer you the chance to grow with us.

When you become an affiliate you get the chance to earn money from home by receiving 15% commission from EACH new customer order. You will receive new deals on a regular basis to share, so check your inbox to expand your reach. Not only will you be earning money with us, you’ll be letting your friends and family in on our deals too!

We want to give your friends new to Kushfly $10 AND we want to give YOU $20 in KushCredits! You get $20 in KushCredit for each qualifying friend who spends their $10 gift on $50 or more with us. That’s a whole lot of Kush. It’s as easy as sharing your referral link via text, social media, or email. Start collecting your cash and KushCredit, sign up today!

First-Rate Kush Delivered Today

There is no other cannabis delivery service like Kushfly, making us your ultimate choice. Kushfly offers customers the highest quality, best customer service, and most on demand delivery in Los Angeles. Register now and log into your account online. Once age verification is complete, ordering is as easy as a few clicks away to get your needs filled today. Let your kush spirit fly today at Kushfly!

Hours: 9:00 am- 10:00 pm

Follow Us: www.twitter.com/kushflycom

Email Us: support@kushfly.com

Call Us: 1-855-571-0420

Kushfly proudly follows compassionate Health & Safety Code sections 11362.5(b)(1)(A), 11362.7(h), 11362.765 and 11362.775 Compassionate Use Act