K’taka launches tobacco quiz to tackle industry manipulation

The Karnataka health department has launched an online tobacco quiz in an effort to end addiction in people and empower them to identify the myriad ways in which the industry manipulates, an official said on Tuesday.

“This is a campaign about the health hazards of tobacco and to make you all understand the tactics employed by tobacco industries,” said an official.

The tobacco quiz envisages empowering people with the knowledge required to detect tobacco industry manipulation and equip them with the tools to stand against such tactics.

By manipulation, the department refers to indirect advertising, branding, marketing and other related smart activities.

“This is especially important right now as studies show that tobacco users have a higher risk for coronavirus. State Tobacco Control Cell calls on all young people to join the fight to become a tobacco-free generation,” he said.

Calling on celebrities and social influencers, the department has asked them to reject tobacco product endorsement deals or brand ambassadorships.

It asked social media platforms to ban all forms of nicotine and tobacco advertisements, promotions and sponsorships.

Similarly, the department appealed to film, television and drama production companies to take a pledge not to depict tobacco or vaping in their productions.

The 15-question quiz will be available each day for a week, centred on tobacco control program and the ill-effects of tobacco and pan masala

The quiz winners can generate a digital printed electronic certificate, including other rewards.

The State Tobacco Control Cell of the Department of Health and Family Welfare is organizing the competition.