K’taka allows cremation of Covid patients on land owned by family

Amid steep rise in deaths due to second wave of Covid sweeping across Karnataka, the state government allowed Covid dead bodies to be buried and cremated in private land owned by relatives of the deceased.

According to the new circular issued by the revenue department’s principal secretary’s office on Wednesday, all these days Covid dead bodies were supposed to be disposed of in designated crematoriums or graveyards alone, however, in the wake of a rise in body count, relatives can cremate or bury in their own land.

The circular also mandates that those who participate in last rites must wear surgical masks and follow other Covid protocols.

“It is mandatory to wear full PPE kit and gloves for those who are required to touch the dead,” the circular added.

“The vehicle used to transport Covid dead body will have to be disinfected using one per cent Sodium Hydrochlorite solution which is commonly known as bleach. In the event of transporting such dead body in other than where the patient has died precautions such as carrying duly signed certificated must be followed and health department staff should accompany the body,” the circular stated.