Is Kratom Safe?


Kratom is a famous herbal supplement. At first, it was popular in Southeast Asia where it originally grows. But now, people in the USA, the UK, and other parts of the world are also using it. If you want to get kratom, visit this high quality kratom provider. They sell a variety of kratom strains.

There are many benefits of using kratom. But is kratom safe? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place. Let’s learn about the benefits and side effects of kratom.

Everything About Kratom

Before using any drug, you should learn about the good and the bad of it. There isn’t a single supplement that has no side effects on your body. Some people may not face the side effects while some face severe side effects. It all depends upon various factors like the immunity system, dosage, etc.

People use kratom for different purposes. The following uses of kratom are most common:

  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Better Slumber
  • Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Opioid Withdrawal
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

There are other benefits of kratom too like better sexual performance and enhanced mental functioning.

With these benefits, there are some side effects of kratom too. These side effects mostly occur when you take too much kratom at once. Moreover, bad consumption methods like smoking and snorting also cause adverse side effects. But before learning about the side effects, let’s educate you more about kratom!

Is Kratom Legal?

Many people ask if kratom is legal in their state or not. Using a legal drug is safer because the government has legalized it after studying it.

Kratom is not legal in some European Union countries. But, it is legal in the US. You can find kratom easily in the US from stores and online.

It is illegal in countries like Thailand. It is because people started using kratom instead of opium.

Here’s the thing:

Kratom is cheaper than opium, so people prefer it over opioids. So, to gain control of the opium market, the government of Thailand made kratom illegal.

The Good and The Bad of Kratom

You can get an idea about the safety of kratom after learning about the benefits and risks of it. The benefits and side effects of kratom depend upon different things. These things include:

  • Immunity System of the Person
  • Dosage and Strain of Kratom
  • Method of Consumption
  • Frequency of Usage of Kratom

The Good of Kratom

Before learning about the side effects of kratom, let’s see the good side of it. There are many benefits of kratom due to which it became popular. Some benefits are available with all the strains while others are specified to a particular one.

Pain Relief

Like opioids, kratom relieves pain from any part of the body. It also relaxes sore muscles. People suffering from chronic painful disease use kratom to get relief from it

Kratom binds on the opioid receptors and reduces pain from your body.

Even after a tiring day, you can use kratom to relax your body.

Opioid Withdrawal

As kratom works like an opioid, you can use it instead of opioids. There are many benefits of using kratom instead of opioids. The following benefits are most attention-worthy:

Kratom isn’t addicting like opioids. You can stop using kratom easier than opioids.

Kratom works like opioids but it is a natural substance. Using natural substances is less harmful than using a synthetic one.

Opioids are more expensive than kratom. So, kratom is budget-friendly.


Kratom has relaxing properties that relax both body and mind. It removes unnecessary thoughts from your mind. Moreover, after a tiring day, kratom reduces discomfort from your body and relaxes it.

With relaxation, it also reduces the symptoms of anxiety and stress. It makes you feel less worried about any situation.

When both your body and mind feel relaxed, the quality of your sleep becomes better too.


Many kratom strains are the best stimulants. Kratom provides energy to your body which is enough to do every task more efficiently.

If you are a person who feels lazy and less active during the day, kratom is best for you.

For this purpose, people use kratom in the morning in place of coffee or tea. Using kratom in such a way provides energy to your body and mind all day long.

When you feel less lazy and more energetic, you can focus on your task better too.

The Bad of Kratom

Now, after learning the good about kratom, let’s learn the bad of it too. The side effects of kratom don’t get too severe unless:

  1. It is not suitable for your body.
  2. You use too much kratom.


Medium to high dosage of kratom may cause nausea for some people. Feeling nauseous is the worst as you can’t eat or drink anything.

It is a short-term side effect of kratom and is very common. To prevent this side effect, it is better to use the recommended dosage and strain of kratom.

Moreover, some people feel nauseous due to the bitter taste of kratom. So, consume it in a way that you can’t taste much of it.

Weight Loss

A high dosage of kratom can lead to weight loss. Though, some people find it a pro of kratom because they want to lose weight. But there are better ways to lose weight than to use kratom.

Additionally, it also causes loss of appetite due to which the user loses weight.


Even though kratom improves your sleep quality, it can also cause insomnia. It depends upon the dosage and person’s immunity system.


If you get addicted to kratom, you may not be able to sleep or function without it. The chances of getting addicted become less when you use a different strain daily.


The answer to the question, “Is kratom safe?”, is unclear. It is because for some people kratom is harmless. But for some people, it has caused some harm.

So, to prevent any harms of kratom, use it in the suggested dose.