Is HGH Safe and Legal for Adults

Description: Is HGH safe and legal for adults to use? Yes, as long as there is a verifiable need as with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency. Then HGH is safe and legal for adult use.

Is HGH Safe and Legal for Adults

Legal, safe, regulated – these are all terms to familiarize yourself with when discussing human growth hormones. Of all the questions we hear, is HGH safe and legal is the one most often asked. We are also glad that people ask this question because it means they want to do the right thing about starting hormone replacement therapy.

HGH is legal to use when prescribed for a legitimate reason by a doctor. More about this in the last section of this report.

Safety is a serious concern when it comes to human growth hormones. HGH is a heavily counterfeited medication in other parts of the world. Buying HGH online from unregulated sources, or even from someone at the gym, can lead to trouble. Only when you purchase HGH from a licensed US pharmacy can you know for sure that your medication is safe.

Regulated is a term that applies to HGH because it does need a prescription for purchase and use. The government regulates various medications because they have limited purposes and using them when there is no need can create health problems.

There are also times when people ask about HGH for a particular reason. Frequently asked questions include is HGH safe for weight loss, or for anti-aging, or for bodybuilding or sports use.

Doctors do not prescribe HGH for any of these reasons. However, there are fat-burning and anti-aging benefits that do come from HGH therapy.

Are There Medical Conditions When HGH Is Not Safe?

Other often asked questions have to do with various pre-existing medical conditions. Is HGH safe and legal for people with other health concerns?

It depends on the condition. Hormone specialists do not prescribe HGH for patients with cancer until they are in remission and approved for use by their oncologists.

Is HGH safe for diabetics to use since it can alter glucose uptake and insulin levels?

Yes, people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes can use HGH if they have growth hormone deficiency. The only difference is that the doctor will supervise the treatment more closely and check blood glucose levels more often.

Is HGH safe for heart patients or after a heart attack?

Not only is HGH safe, but it has many protective benefits for cardiovascular health.

What Makes HGH Use Legal?

For those of you asking how is HGH safe and legal, know this simple fact: as long as you have a doctor’s prescription and you buy your HGH from a licensed US pharmacy, you are fine.

A hormone specialist will only prescribe HGH following blood testing and physical examination results that show a growth hormone deficiency. That is the only safe and legal way to buy and use HGH therapy.

HGH is illegal for use by bodybuilders and athletes.

Is HGH safe and effective for adults?

Yes, HGH is extremely safe when the person taking it has growth hormone deficiency. HGH therapy will raise the level of human growth hormones in the body to reverse the symptoms associated with the decline.

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