Inspiring Anushka Shetty Weight Loss Story

Celebrity ‘weight loss stories always inspire. 

To motivate you here is our article on incredible fat to fab journey of Bahubali actor Anushka Shetty. 

Reel life demand actors to follow strict beauty and fitness regimen. Anushka Shetty gained weight to justice her character of an obese girl in movie ‘size zero’. However, shedding extra kg and get back to shape was not that easy for her. It was alleged that even after strict workouts, she was unable to lose fat.  

Recently the actor shared on Instagram her new slim look and surprised her fans. She also had written a book ‘ The Magic Weight Loss Pill’ along with nutritionist luke Coutinho to reveal her weight loss secret. 

No doubt, her fans are inspired and curious to learn the secret behind her healthy weight loss. 

In the book, ‘The Magic Weight Loss Pill’ 62 different Lifestyle changes are suggested that one need to implement not only to lose weight but also to prevent diseases and live a healthy and a fit life. 

Anushka wrote on her Instagram “The gap in the world of weight loss and disease that needs to be filled is LIFESTYLE…..learn how lifestyle is inexpensive and free and the least used when Anushka it comes to healing ..be it weight , disease , depression , relationships , career ….nutrition , movement , sleep , emotions and stress …out lifestyle defines the choices we make and take and those that we should ….the world has enough of complication and treatment ….the world and humans and the soul is craving the need to heal …..with the beautiful , stunning , down to earth Anushka Shety …coming soon …. a book that will begin the journey of lifestyle and healing…,” 

Everybody of us wants to live a healthy and a long life. The secret behind is effortless and lies in the fact that we become what we eat. If your gut is healthy, you are fit.

In her interviews, Anushka hinted about her particular diet plan and took steps towards curbing diet and turning her diet into a gluten-free zone. She ultimately gave up junk foods, sweets and oily foods and retorted to home-cooked foods. Anushka reveals drinking 6 litres water every day. She include lots of vegetables, fruits and fluids in her daily diet and her breakfast’s preference is honey and bread. In between her meals, she consumes coconut water. In addition, she makes sure to finish her dinner by 8 PM as eating at least 2-3 hours before getting to bed is good for digestion. 

She also gives credit to her changed life to yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor and practices yoga since before entering the industry. Anushka also includes 30 minutes of light exercise to her daily fitness regimen to stay in shape, increase stamina and improve all over health. 

For more weight loss tips and become a better version of yourself, we recommend you to read the book ‘ The Magic Weight Loss Pill: 62 Lifestyle Changes.’

The book is available on amazon. To purchase the book click the link https://www.amazon.in/Magic-Weight-Loss-Pill-Lifestyle-Changes/dp/0143443224a