If You Practice Prone Masturbation: Stop Doing It

Masturbation is a normal self-pleasuring process. It is self-induced sexual excitement practiced by most of the men and women and is not a sinful act. There is nothing terrible about it, neither it harms sexual organs nor leads to any psychological illness until you are addicted to it, overdo it or practice prone masturbation. Lovegasm, a company that advocates the use of safe sex toys reiterated that many people engage in prone masturbation without realizing or being aware of its long-term damaging effects on their sex lives.

What Is Prone Masturbation

About 5-10 percent of men masturbate in the prone position, i.e. lying on belly with face down and thrusting or rubbing the penis against a pillow or bed or sex toy. But this act can be dangerous and every men should be aware of it.

If you are a male masturbating in prone position stop doing it.

Why Masturbating In Prone Position Is Wrong?

The objects that are used as sexual stimulants by males who masturbate prone do not provide resistance just like the partner’s body. Even a mattress or pillow does not provide strength like a female vagina. Thus, a lot of pressure is placed on the base of the penis. The participants have a hard time reaching climax. In the long term, it may cause damage and about 60 percent, prone masturbation addicts have reported suffering from a real sexual issue or complete inability to achieve orgasm during the intercourse i.e. anorgasmia. 30 percent, prone masturbates have reported having difficulty in having erected penises. They have delayed orgasm. Also, the ability of males to have a healthy sexual relationship reduces. The females of such male partners find the outcome unusual, and man’s ability to reach climax through intercourse is blamed because even after getting engaged in sexual intercourse for over 30 minutes they are unable to attain climax.

It is never a good idea to get involved in prone masturbation and apply unnatural stimulation and pressure on the genitals. The occasional practice of this behavior won’t have any noticeable changes, but gradually or sometimes suddenly there will be a loss of sexual functions.

Can the damage caused due to prone masturbation be reversed?

The first step is to completely stop engaging yourself in prone masturbation and switch to the conventional or traditional way.

Next step is to meet your doctor, a counselor or sexologist to learn the right way to masturbate.

There are some natural herbs such as Astragalus membranaceus, opiopogon and Cornus officinalis that are safe herbs and are known to treat nerve and tissue damage caused due to masturbating in the prone position. Consult your doctor for the proper dose.

What Is The Correct Way To Masturbate?

The conventional way is the preferred way to masturbate where the practitioner lies in the supine position and uses hands to perform the act. But make sure not to overdo or get addicted.

Many men engage themselves in prone masturbation because they believe that it is the best position to stimulate the genital and experience pleasure and also because they are unaware of the long-term damage this act may have on their sexual organs and sex lives.

But we hope our article is an eye-opener. We hope we made the point clear that neither masturbation is bad, not harmful,  but avoid engaging yourself in prone masturbation as it can hamper your sexual health.

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