How Working Out with Others Helps Motivation Levels

Working Out

When deciding it’s time to get fit and healthy, there are so many decisions to make while choosing the perfect strategy for you. Is it best to focus more on diet or exercise, and how quickly should you look for results? But one decision is whether to work out alone or in a group? There are many advantages to joining others in your quest for good health and a great body; here are some of the ways in which this is the case.

You Have a Set Timetable

Not sticking to your timetable can be a real killer in the quest for making significant gains. But if you have a gym buddy who is waiting on you turning up to spot them, then you are less likely to skip a session as you would be letting them down. 

There are Activities that you Cannot Do Alone.

Certain sports and activities cannot be participated in alone. Take team sports as the prime example of this, you could play soccer in a form on your own, doing keepie-ups or battering a ball against a wall, but it wouldn’t really be the game, would it? Other games and sports require an opponent, racket sports such as tennis or squash being a decent example of this. Some activities are just too dangerous to do alone, such as rock climbing, that requires a belay partner to secure the safety rope for you. 

You Feel Part of Something

People need to feel part of something, not just in fitness but in every aspect of life being part of a team can give you friendship, shared values, and a sense of belonging. There are plenty of ways of finding a group or club to join; there may be a notice board at your local sports center, or numerous websites are giving you the chance to meet up with others. Failing that you could even start your own organization, you just need the will to do so and then some equipment, depending on the activity, and even some customizable t-shirts.

You Can Compare Progress & Motivate Each Other

Doing things together allows monitoring your rate of progress against a partner. This may not be ideal if you are both at different ability and experience levels. But if you choose a partner of similar ability, then it can be a great motivational opportunity to push each other forward and make progress that would otherwise have taken much longer.

It is Not as Lonely

As much as it is great to have a partner or group of people to work out with for the reason of making quicker or better progress, sometimes it’s just more fun to do it with others. The fact that this is the case can make you less likely to quit as well. If you enjoy something, then it makes sense that you are going to have a better chance of keeping it up. 

So find something you enjoy, and find people you enjoy doing it with, and you will make those fitness gains without even realizing it.