How to Yoga Like a Pro!

Yoga Like a Pro

Yoga is one of those extra-curricular activities that relaxes the mind and body. It is the perfect combination of stretching and meditation. Athletes love to do yoga because it prepares their bodies for the physical intensities that will be thrown at them in the field of competition. You may feel like there is a long way to go before you will fit in but we can hammer out the basics for you. The key is in your presentation. Yes, I am talking about the gear you wear and the “swag” you own. Read on warrior, and weíll help you fit in like a pro.

The Yoga Mat

This is your first item of purchase. A yoga mat is something you can find anywhere, even at a Five Below, but I recommend Amazon due to the simplicity of it. The studio could possibly provide a mat for you, but that would make you look like a slouch on your first day, and nobody I mean nobody wants that type of grief. The mat is the most essential part of yoga and it is something that is vital to a long term commitment to become a yogi.

The Yoga Pants

The key to looking the part as a beginner in a yoga studio full of professionals is to buy cheaper yoga pants and tops at the main retailers. Ladies, you can find the hottest yoga pants at the top retail stores like Old Navy, Target, and even Walmart! Amazon can always be a safe option on finding some quality brands at an affordable price. Now, it really depends on where you want to find the top brands that are cheaper. Old Navy sells one brand that is affordable and actually looks fantastic with a variety of color schemes and patterns. If you want to start cheap, but have more variety, then Target or Walmart is a good place to start. Women would have to go with the leggings on bottom. Leggings are the best clothing for comfort, style, and even convenience. There is not just one specific budget brand that sticks out for yoga pants. Men, you guys can wear shorts; however youíll have to wear leggings under the shorts (you donít want accidents to happen!).. That is always a good look, but you can also wear jogger sweatpants. Joggers are sweatpants that are a tighter fit around the ankle region. You can also find these at Target, Walmart, and Old Navy too. Add Dick’s Sporting Goods though in the mix. The yoga shirts are nothing special, just a shirt. There are more styles for women than man however. If you look on any website, you can find styles like “razorback, V-neck, tank tops, crop tops, and built-in bra tanks”. It is crazy to think there can be so much variety with clothing. Clothing is always the longest and most complicated purchasing process for any sort of exercise.

Do not wear glasses to class

If you are doing a group class, do not forget to take off those glasses! Glasses can be in the way and cause discomfort or potential accidents on your poses. The glasses are always difficult when it comes to anything athletic or some sort of activity. My advice on this would be to ditch the glasses and just go with some contacts. If you are using prescription glasses then you can always get  prescription contacts too! You could get some sporting goggles, but that has never been in style (not even in the NBA with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). So ditch the glasses, go with the contacts instead.

Join a Yoga Studio to begin with

The last bit of advice is to get the membership at the studio and start your first session as a yoga pro not the basic lessons! Yoga studios can be vast and somewhat difficult on the wallet but the best way to look at it is this: Yoga studios are all relatively expensive, but the extra $20-$30 can only get you an extra class per week or a free t-shirt. The yoga studio that you want to attend is the one that is actually going to help you meet the goals that YOU want to create. Make sure that the trainer or instructor knows you by your first name and knows what you eat in the mornings. Get a membership that will create friendships subsequently. The studio is something that you should want to go to every single day and not dread. “Money grab” places will burn you out and hope you take that cancellation fee at some point. Keep in mind that sometimes extra monthly are not a bad thing, just see what you earn with the extra payments.

Yoga is such a great activity to get involved with as an outlet for stress. Always remember that most of the time  presentation is everything, and first impressions last so that means BE CONFIDENT. Confidence is the most pivotal part of your “look” and your “swag”. Everybody has their own insecurities, but having the right attire can boost that flagging confidence. You can always try just doing yoga in the privacy of your own home, but the yoga studio is where you will get the best learning experience until you can do the forms on your own.. You want to make sure that you have quality instruction and someone critiquing you on your form so you too can become an expert in the studio as well. Once you become a pro, start getting your family and friends involved too. Hey, maybe even start your own yoga group in a park or something?