How to study medicine in Europe

study medicine

Many students couldnít pursue their dream degree in their own home country, so they have resorted to going abroad to follow their dream of being a doctor. 

Many students are inspired by this route. However, how do you choose which university is suitable for you to study medicine? There are manyEnglish taught courses at medical universitiesavailable in Europe.  If you already have a biomedical degree you might be eligible for a 4-year graduate entry program.

It can be overwhelming to choose one that suits you when you donít know the first thing about going to study abroad. 

The most important step is to make sure that your dream really is to study medicine.

You should only go abroad if youíre sure that medicine is the only career for you. Moving abroad to study is not easy so your determination must outweigh any challenges that may occur.

Lots of information is available online about the medical universities in Europe, the Medlink Students website is very detailed and offers free advice to students regarding the best route for them.

Itís also important that students think carefully about their budget and which university they can afford. Students should take into account the yearly tuition of their medical university of choice, as well as the monthly living costs of a student in the studentís chosen city.

Students should research the universityís entrance exams and entry requirements. Universities will only consider students who meet the entry requirements. Then the student is invited for an entrance exam. The entrance exams are very competitive and require a lot of preparation. Should the student pass the exam, they must then begin the preparation of their documents. Students need to apostille, legalise, notarise, and certify their documents in their home country.

Then they must translate their documents and do the same procedure in the country of destination. If the documents have been prepared correctly and the studentís file is competitive enough, they may be offered a place on the medicine course. This is a complicated procedure and students make many mistakes as they are not experienced with the bureaucratic processes. 

If the student is accepted into the course then they must then go ahead with the biggest move of their life. The student needs to think of all the logistics of moving to a country theyíre not familiar with. Students will also need to think about accommodation, finding their way around the city, knowing where to go, understanding the culture, managing day to day, and so on.

Students are usually overwhelmed by this process and will seek the services of a student recruitment agency such as Medlink Students who helps them with the smooth transition