How To Start Working Out At Home

Home workout practice

Home workouts have become a panacea for many fitness and sports lovers in the modern world. With the help of the Internet, many social platforms like my fitness hub can guide you through a full-body workout with their video tutorials. They have many advantages: you don’t need to go anywhere to work out, you don’t need to adjust to the schedule and pay for additional services of the fitness club. At the same time, it is much more difficult at home to force yourself to really start training and bring the workout to the end. It takes a lot of motivation and discipline to find the strength to leave watching the show or start training after completing all housework. This means that you need to understand why you decided to train.

Ask yourself this question – why do you need this?

You must have a good reason, otherwise it is very easy to get off the intended path. For example, today you are tired at work, you need to clean your apartment, or you can postpone the planned burpee series for tomorrow. But believe me – tomorrow you will find even more reasons to skip the training.

You need a plan!

Make a schedule, and not just workouts, but the whole day. Plan your daily duties  that you have the time you need for the workout. Residual training will lead to nothing. It is also important to think highly of  your strength. Exercising every day to failure is a recipe for frustration and fatigue.

Start out smoothly and gradually.

A little warm-up and a short stretch is a great soft start. You will definitely not overtrain, and the body will gradually enter into a rhythm. It is important to introduce new habits in a comfortable way. Plan not only your workouts, but also your rest. If the body did not have time to recover after yesterday’s workout, today there is no need to try to finish it off.

Choose what is fun!

Wear comfortable gear that will make you feel comfortable during the workout. By the way, many great solutions for workouts at home and not only can be found on the Warm body – Cold mind website. It is important to understand that if the workout is excruciating, grueling and bleak, motivation will not help in this case. If you are terrified of squats, don’t emphasize them. Choose what is fun and start your home workout with this: yoga, Pilates, HIIT and circuit training, crossfit elements, stretching, elementary exercises. Sooner or later, you will want variety, then you can try something new.

Absolutely everything will bother you!

During homework, everything will bother you: phone, cat, close relatives. Therefore, it is important to provide yourself with the necessary information. Turn off the phone, close yourself off from those who want your affection or communication, and do not pay attention to other stressors. Otherwise, you will work out for the first 15 minutes, get  tired, then the phone will ring, and after the conversation you will decide what is enough for today.

Warm body – ?old mind

You already want to enjoy the results, but you still don’t see them. Let’s say you practice for a whole month, but the long-awaited six-packs are still missing. This is a really difficult motivational stage. Shouldn’t we give up these stupid occupations altogether, since they are not useful? The answer is simple: if you give that up, you will never achieve anything, and if you continue and improve, you will soon see the first changes. And when you see it, it is important not to relax and not give up what you started, because the most difficult thing is not to achieve results, but to keep them. The sports motto “Warm body – Cold mind” should always remind you that warm muscles must always obey willpower and a cold, weighted mind.

To summarize: yes, training at home will not increase strength significantly, but it will help maintain muscle tone, improve coordination and flexibility. And this is an excellent solution for maintaining health and confident movement towards new results!

Sergii Putsov, PhD in Sport Science