How To Save On CBD Oil

Small Bottle of CBD Oil

Were you surprised when you first heard that marijuana extract is used for medicinal properties? You’re not alone. Marijuana is definitely well known for its psychoactive properties and leaving users in a state of trance and euphoria. But, there’re more to this notorious plant.

CBD, a rich natural extract that is derived from the hemp or marijuana plant, is being used more and more for its medicinal purposes. From heart disease, anxiety and acne to pain and inflammation, CBD or cannabidiol is slowly becoming a global favourite. It is available legally in many parts of the world from local drug stores to fancy medical centres and yoga retreats.

So, you can try it freely to cure yourself of health problems like millions of people around the world are doing today. And, as it isn’t psychoactive, you don’t have to worry about getting any high. But, let’s stop and analyse, how do you make sure you are getting good quality CBD at the right price? How do you save on its price? A little information is all you need. Here are four simple hacks that will ensure you Save on CBD oil and don’t fall prey to cheap imitation oils.

Go For Quality

When you are looking to buy CBD, always go with good quality above all else. Unfortunately, as this market is still heavily unregulated, you will find a lot of cheap imitation oils that are fraudulent and fake. In a bid to save on CBD oil, most first-timers end up buying sub-standard products. You will simply be throwing money away if you buy any such brand.

Instead, research for those brands that are genuine and trustworthy. Go for those that invest in third-party lab testing and care for your interests in providing genuine products to you. Once you find the brand that is genuine and suits you, stick with it for good.

Use The Right Variant For Your Requirement

CBD comes in various forms such as oil, gummy bears, topicals, capsules and vapes among others. But, one size doesn’t fit all. For some ailments, oil is the best solution whole for some other vaping is most effective. Do your research and chose the optimal type of product for your requirement.

For example, topical application and oils work best for pains and inflammation. On the other hand, capsules are a better option for anxiety and depression. But, also be informed of the absorption of CBD through various forms of consumption.

Vaping is likely to deliver about 40% of the CBD into your system closely followed by tinctures. Capsules and edibles deliver about 10% to your body. So, find the right product for your requirement to avoid repeated purchase and save on the CBD oil price. A little will go a long way if you use it the right way.

Look Out For The Concentration of CBD

When you look at the different varieties and forms of CBD, you should also check the concentration or mg of CBD in them. You don’t want to use a highly concentrated form of CBD for a problem that needs only minimal levels of CBD. Make the maximum benefit from the money you spend on your CBD. That way, minimal application or consumption is enough to provide you with relief and comfort.

The highest concentration usually comes in gummy bears but their absorption is lower than vaping and tinctures. Read the fine print on the packaging to know how potent and concentrated each product variant of CBD is.

Bulk Buy

Just like all your other household shopping, it is better to buy CBD in volumes. That way, you benefit from better value for money and never run out of CBD when you need it. Once you know what’s best for you in terms of the brand, quality and concentration, you can order CBD in bulk and gain from price equalization. You will also save on shipping costs with one big bulk buy. Many vendors even offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases that you can avail of.

Having said that, make sure you end up using more CBD than you need. Always go with the prescribed quantity for your ailments and adopt a trial and test method to know how much works for you. Start with 1ml or 2ml to find your comfort level.

Lastly, don’t miss following regular preservation tips for CDB as you do for all other products. Respect the ‘best before’ dates and don’t stock up excess packages that are likely to expire soon. Store it in the right temperature and humidity setting. Avoid placing it in dark shelves or cabinets and prevent air exposure. Follow these simple hacks and you will definitely save on the price of CBD oil.