How To Pick A Good Botox Injection Doctor


Botox is a wonderful medication that can help you with a variety of medical or physical concerns. It works by temporarily paralyzing problematic muscles, giving you relief while the muscles relax. You wouldn’t want just any doctor to administer Botox, however. You need to find a doctor you can trust and will do the job right. It can be hard to know who you can count on, but it is not impossible. We asked Toronto Botox specialist Dr. Pirani, on tips to choosing a good Botox Injection Doctor, and in a nutshell, these are what he says you should watch out for.

Board Certification

The regulation on who can administer Botox can vary from place to place, with some areas requiring more training than other places. The best idea for you is to make sure that the doctor administering the Botox is board certified. This means that they have gone through the proper testing and licensing to be approved by the Board of Plastic Surgery. In some cases, professionals have not been properly trained in giving Botox injections, which could mean you might not have the Botox administered correctly.


Finding a plastic surgeon who has been administering Botox for a while and who has the proper college education is very important. You should not be the guinea pig for a new plastic surgeon to experiment on. You need a doctor who is reliable and experienced. Your results matter and you will want to get it right the first time.

Ask a Friend

If you have friends or family members who have already had Botox performed, ask them about their experiences with their doctors. This can help you hone in on someone that is going to treat you right. Another good idea is to ask your regular physician, especially if you are interested in Botox to help with a specific condition. Your doctor might already have recommendations on a doctor that would be a good fit for your needs and personality.

Beware of Popup Shops and Parties

It is great that Botox has become more popular over the years, but one consequence of this is that non-medical facilities are offering Botox injections. There are even Botox parties that can be done in home for all of the guests. There are several concerns with this, including the fact that a home or non-medical facility is not going to be sterile, putting you at risk of complications from the injections. You also would not be with a doctor, so if you had a reaction or unforeseen issue, you would not be receiving the attention that you need, and you would have to go to a doctor or hospital to receive the proper treatment. Avoid this by seeing a proper Botox injection doctor for your treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

The best thing you can do to make sure that you have found a good Botox injection doctor that you can work with, like Dr. Pirani, is to schedule a consultation. At this appointment, you can go in, ask about the procedure that you are wanting performed, and request to see examples of how the injections have worked for previous patients.