How to Overcome Menstrual Cup Problems?

Menstrual Cup Problems

Ladies are buzzing around about this new menstrual product that is very convenient to use, the menstrual cup. However, there are still many women who are having doubts aboutchoosing a menstrual cup over their regular pads and tampons due to various reasons.

You may be sitting on your couch right now, feeling unsure and nervous about using a period cup. So to help you decide, listed down below are the possible problems that you may encounter while using a period cup and how you can overcome them.

It will be easier for you to enjoy all the benefits that you can take advantage in using cups if you know more about them.

You Don’t Know Which Cup to Use

It is common for first-time users to be confused about which cup to use. Maybe this is because of marketing strategies that the manufacturers use. Their brandings, sizes, and colors can be confusing which led to many women buying the wrong cup.

What to Do?

Before you purchase a menstrual cup, you must do your own research about the product. Ask some ladies who have been using menstrual cups for their experiences. Visit the manufacturer’s website about their guidelines, such as choosing the right size for you according to your cervix’s height. You can also watch videos or articles that states all the reviews about the product.

Doing all of these can make your menstrual cup shopping more exciting and fun!

It’s Too Expensive!

It is undeniable that the cost of a menstrual cup is more expensive than tampons and regular pads. They normally cost $30 to $60 each, depending on the brand. It’s quite expensive compared to the price of tampons and pads that ranges from $7 to $10 only.

What to Do?

If you understand how cups works compared to tampons and pads, you will know that it is cost-effective to buy a menstrual cup. Tampons and sanitary pads are not reusable, unlike period cups. Therefore, you have to buy them every month in a year, which costs you more than double the price of tampons and pads. Imagine how much you can save from buying a cup. You will only need to spend once in one to two years.

It Feels Awkward to Use a Cup!

You might find it unsettling to use a menstrual cup, especially when you are at public bathrooms. Inserting it inside your vagina using your hands with blood all over the floor and cleaning them in public restrooms can be awkward.

What to Do?

You have to put in your mind that you are not alone in using a period cup, so if you have to wash it in ladies’ public bathroom, they will understand it. Also, you have to do a lot of practice at home on how you can quickly and adequately insert your cup.

In that way, once you are outside or in a public place, it would be easy for you to empty your cup and insert it again without causing a delay in public bathrooms. Know the benefits that you can get from using a period cup. They are made of high medical-grade silicone that is very safe and can withstand high temperatures so you can sanitize them in boiling water.

Therefore it is safe and hygienic to use. Also, since menstrual cups are reusable, you only need to empty them in a bowl, wash them and use them again. It can help avoid bacterial growth because the blood will not be absorbed and stuck, unlike tampons and pads.

They Might Get Stuck Inside My Vagina

You might be so worried that your cup might go up far inside your vagina. Many ladies are afraid of using a menstrual cup because they think that it can be lost inside, and when it is out of reach, it can cause pain.

What to Do?

Don’t panic! It can never be lost inside your private area, no matter how you move your body. The menstrual cup will stay in the vaginal canal, and it has one way in and out. Therefore your cup will not go anywhere. However, to avoid any possible problems, make sure to insert your cup correctly. That is why you must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to use it.


Many women want to use menstrual cups but are afraid of trying it because they have a lot of “what if’s.” in their minds. However, if you feed yourself with knowledge about how to efficiently use a period cup, you will eventually like to use them. Stop all the hesitations and go ahead and try them. Put them in a test, and you will see if it is better to use a menstrual cup than pads and tampons.