How to make CBD Crystals?


Crystals are the purest form of CBD on the market.  They go through a process that will extract the CBD out of the cannabis and not have a trace of THC.  This process is a strenuous process to increase the purity of the CBD crystals. This is the largest benefit of CBD crystals over other forms such as oils.  Purity.  

To start learning how to make CBD crystals you need to begin with winterized and distilled cannabis.  Winterizing is the process of alcohol washing which is essentially an extraction process.  The entire outer layer of a cannabis plant is coated in a substance called cuticle wax, basically, it is a bunch of lipids.  This wax burns away when cannabis is smoked but it does not when it is used in vape. This has the medical industry concerned which is why it is winterized.  Once it is winterized then it is called CBD isolate.

Winterization of Cannabis

The process of winterization is putting the cannabis in an alcohol wash and heating it to 120 degrees and then freeze it immediately after for over 24 hours.  This allows the wax to be separated from the CBD oils which will have the consistency of syrup. The CBD oil must be winterized in order to begin the crystallization process.

According to https://salemscientificlabs.com/how-to-make-CBD-crystals for the crystallization process, you will need a small chromatography machine.  This machine can be found all over and on different levels depending on what size batches you are interested in. Forming the CBD crystals is a bit of science and nerdiness but it is quite a simple process.  You will need some very fine sand which will act as a filter in the chromatography machine. 

This works by separating the materials into their molecular structure.  Some practices may be needed to get this right. However, if you start with the purest form, it should have a great yield. 

Purest CBD Crystals

The CBD will be extracted first and any THC will come near the very end of the extraction.  This is because the THC is a larger molecule than the CBD. The Chromatography machine is basically a large tube or column that will be holding the sand at the bottom and you will pour your liquid on the top and add pressure with a pressurized air hose to the side when needed.  So you will need an air compressor or something that can pressure the liquid or you will be waiting a very long time. The bottom of the tube on the Chromatography machine will go into a glass jar where you will later put on a hot pad or coffee pot to allow the liquid to evaporate.  As the liquid evaporates your pure crystals will start to form.

To further clarify the tube is about 2 feet tall and 1 inch around and has a hose attached to the bottom that is going into a glass jar. The top as a removable lid and the sand is placed inside at the bottom of the tube. The liquid CBD oil is put into the top, the lid is placed on the top and there is an air hole to connect your pressurized air. This will press the oil through the sand to further purify it. Then add heat to evaporate any remaining liquid and you are done.

Image credit: cbd crystals via Roxana Gonzalez/Shutterstock