How To Make A Woman Cum

Talking about sex is no more a dirty secret. Sexual satisfaction is the foundation of a romantic and healthy relationship.

So let’s break the silence and talk openly about sexual wellness. In this article, we will discuss why female sexual satisfaction or female orgasm in essential and how to make a woman cum.

What’s The Point Of  Female Orgasm?

The female orgasm is always questioned and hotly debated.

Well, it’s a fact that even without having an orgasm a female gets pregnant. But there are two theories to suggest that orgasm in female increases the chance of conception. The first theory is the ‘poleaxe theory’. According to this theory, orgasm makes female relaxed and sleepy. Woman cum makes it easier for the sperm to reach their destination. The second theory is ‘upsuck theory’ that says that the contraction of the uterus  helps the sperms to move through the fallopian tubes.

Also, it is suggested that the more extended the foreplay and the time taken by the male member to make a woman cum increases the level of sexual arousal in males and also improves the semen parameter.

Now let us raise our thoughts above the vital importance of the female orgasm.

Getting intimate with your partner is not always about getting pregnant and having kids. Orgasm is the greatest sensation of the body. It is pleasurable, fun and stress buster. It’s about enjoying intimacy without any guilt to deeper the roots of romance. Orgasm releases certain chemicals and hormone such as oxytocin, DHEA and endorphins that works as relaxants and also studies suggest that these  hormones protect against heart diseases and cancer.

 And for all the above reasons females too deserve an orgasm.

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Why female Orgasm Is Difficult To Achieve?

Unlike males, female orgasm is difficult to achieve. Only about 30% of women cum during intercourse and about 10% of women never reach orgasm. Let us dig the reason behind.

We conducted a survey where females discussed their sexual experiences. Women who never had an orgasm or have difficulty to cum gave the following reasons they thought was behind:

1.    Have a relationship issue with their partner.

2.    Not interested in sex with the partner

3.    The partner is not interested in sex

4.     Not sufficiently aroused or stimulated during sex

5.    Inadequate lubrication

6.    Family or work stress or anxiety

7.    Experiencing pain, burning  or irritation during sex

8.   Not comfortable with her body appearance.

Now that the discussion on female pleasure is out in the open, keeping all above mentioned reasons in mind below we have listed a few tips on how to make a woman cum. However, every woman responds differently to the same touch, so there is no single technique. But yes, the tips given below will surely enhance the chances of female orgasm.

Tips On How To Make A Woman Cum

1. Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner- First of all, it is very important to focus on your relationship with your partner. Give her time, talk to her. Express your love, want and interest. Know about her desires and expectations. Encourage your partner to talk openly about her sexual needs. Make sure there is no pressure on your partner and she is wanting, hoping and willing to have sex. After intimacy, give and ask for honest feedback and discuss what improvements are required.

2. Reduce stress and anxiety- Stress may not let a woman focus on the act. Practicing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises may help to some extent. As a partner, you need to give her emotional support. To reach climax, she should be free from worries and fear, and she should be wholly in the moment.

3.  Give time to foreplay- Foreplay plays an important role in arousing a female. Longer the foreplay, longer is arousal. Longer the arousal more will be her intimate parts lubricated. More will be lubrication, less will be burning or pain and more she will enjoy having sex. Thus, ensure enough foreplay.

4.  Boost her confidence and self esteem– Make your partner feel as if she is the most beautiful person for you. It doesn’t matter if she is fat, skinny or has marks on her body. You have fallen for her because you love her and her body.

5.  Stimulate the clitoris– Clitoris a sensitive area with thousands of nerve endings. In comparison to other genital areas clitoral orgasm is easy to achieve. Rub, lick or gently touch clitoris. Do whatever your partner enjoys.

6. Try different positions and add variety to act- Try multiple position and techniques. Discuss with your partner the position and act she enjoys best.

Sex is much more than just having intercourse with your partner.

You can add variety by joining the bandwagon on anal foreplay and sex using anal toys. Loveplugs, for one, has anal beads which is a series of balls molded together, or joined by a piece of string. Aside from the anal pleasure it brings, having it inside your body will remove all the stress and tension stored in that particular area.

It is about mutual consent, about understanding the need of each other’s body, about exchanging trust and intimacy. Sex is about the desire to achieve mutual satisfaction so make it a pleasant experience.