How to Maintain Your Immunity in the Spring


We wait for spring to come. This delicious spring air, a heady aroma of flowering, the first sun and the singing of birds, as well as girls from, make you surely feel happy. What else do you need for a good mood? Strong health, which will be provided by good immunity.

The protection of your body is weakening due to the lack of vitamins, overwork, seasonal changes, etc. To prevent this, you should take possible measures to improve immunity.

  1. Nutrition.

What foods should be in your diet to improve immunity? Firstly, you need spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, basil, cloves, barberry, bay leaf, horseradish, coriander. These delicious spices will become real warriors in the fight against viruses and infections. Besides, the mentioned spices can also help lose weight, they will perfectly improve the metabolism and help detox.

Secondly, yogurt contains iodine, which helps your thyroid gland regulate the immune system. Iodine is also found in iodized salt, eggs, sea kale and sea fish.

  1. Cold training.

A correct cold training will help strengthen the body’s defenses. In the spring, you can easily catch a cold because there is very changeable weather, and it is difficult to dress right. It can be too warm or too cold. In the end, you catch a cold. To prevent that you need to preliminarily accustom the body to the coldness. You can start with a contrast shower, gradually increasing the length of time when you take a shower in cold water. Later, you can think of cold-water treatments.

  1. Vitamins.

In spring, you lack vitamins and feel exhausted. Start taking vitamins before you experience this unpleasant feeling. For example, in early January or in late December. It will be much easier for you to adapt. If you make an analogy to sports, it is much easier to get the desired body, when you are already slender than to lose extra ten pounds.

  1. Sport.

Everyone knows, but only a few of them do. Just do not exhaust yourself with daily training for 2 hours. Do everything for your own pleasure. In the future, you will begin to feel the necessity of training. Your body will tell you about that. Itís not about gym or fitness, you can start swimming or dancing.

  1. Philosophy of life.

It isnít a secret that stressful situations can also reduce your immunity. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, then you need to develop an easy attitude towards life. Try not to be very nervous and calmly meet the challenges. Nothing will change because of the fact that you are nervous, but your health will deteriorate. Laugh more. Scientists have proved that positive emotions do improve immunity.

  1. Massage.

Massage helps speed up metabolic processes in the body. Accordingly, it launches your immune system, provides easier digestion of vitamins and relieves pain in problem areas. And, importantly, it helps restore the nervous system.

  1. Pet therapy.

Scientists have already proven that those who have cats are less stressed, and the risk of heart disease is reduced. A cat will also help you cure a cold. The temperature of the cat’s body is several degrees higher than human temperature. If a purring cat lays down on a man, who has got a cold, then it can warm up their body.

  1. Forest.

Scientists in Japan practice the treatment of patients with the help of “forest therapy,” believing that reunion with nature can improve immunity. The study has shown that people who spend 6 hours in the forest for two days have higher immunity. This effect lasts for 30 days. Besides, the nearest park and your own backyard will also do. Nature can relieve stress. If you have a difficult day, take an evening walk.