How to have healthy hair after having a hair transplant in Turkey

hair transplant

Many men and even women, choose to get hair transplant surgery done in Turkey. You can find out more information about such hair implant procedures by click here. It usually takes a couple of months before you can see the results of your hair transplant procedure.

There are some things you can do to make sure you end up with healthy hair after your transplant. First, you should pay careful attention to what your doctor advises you to do in terms of what products to use.

Your doctor can tell you whether you need to apply medicine to the scalp and can tell you when you can shampoo your hair. The shampoo needs to be carefully applied so you do not adversely disturb the new follicles that have been grafted onto your scalp.

Even if your head is itchy, you cannot scratch. It is important you not touch your head repeatedly and interfere with the grafts. Remember that it is easy to transfer bacteria that you have picked up on your hands, to your scalp.

If you do scratch and open up the wounds on your scalp, then there is a chance they could get infected by bacteria, and at the least this will slow down the healing process.

Rest and eat healthy after a hair transplant

It is suggested that you do not overdo it for the first week after the procedure. This means that even if you normally exercise a lot during the week, to avoid this during this time of healing. Your body needs to rest so that your scalp can heal.

Following a healthy diet and eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients is also advised. In general avoid consuming too much junk food and avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Some experts suggest eating foods rich in nutrients such as fish which contain omega-3 fatty acids, berries which are good antioxidants. Walnuts, eggs and spinach are also believed to have many beneficial minerals and nutrients present for your hair.

You should also be careful to not overdo it when it comes to using shampoo. If you do use too much shampoo then it is possible you can remove too many of the natural oils that your body produces, which help the hair to stay healthy.

Treat your hair gently, do not be too rough and you can use a soft towel to dry your hair. If you do use a hair dryer, do not make it too hot, as this can also be harmful to the newly growing hair follicles.

If you are still concerned you can ask your doctor if they can recommend a particular type or brand of shampoo and conditioner to use. They may also be able to suggest a vitamin and mineral supplement to take, but if you are able to eat well this may not be necessary.

It really comes down to asking your hair transplant doctor for suggestions and advice and following this advice.

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