How To Handle A Sports Injury For A Stronger Comeback

Sports Injury

If you participate in any of the sports, then you can attest to the fact that getting an injury is quite frustrating. There is no worse feeling than knowing that you canít play the finals due to an injury, but, the truth of the matter is that injuries do occur. While some of the injuries may be minor and get treated fast, the severe injuries often need medical attention.

Letís face it; it is every athleteís fear to succumb to injuries and not be able to get back to the field. Have you ever wondered why there is always a first aid team on standby in the vicinity? Hereís why, the first aiders are there to help players who get hurt and also play a significant role in determining if the condition is severe or not.

So here you are, and you probably had an injury while playing your favorite sport, what next?

1.    Use The Rice Method

No, we do not mean rice the food but rather RICE as an acronym in the medical field. RICE stands for rest, ice, compress and elevate respectively. The rice treatment is often administered to soft tissue injuries such as sprains. The first thing after getting an injury is to refrain from playing the game as it may end up causing more tissue damage. Secondly, to reduce the pain and the swelling, ice the injured area in intervals of about 20 to 30 minutes. While using the cold therapy, ensure that you exert pressure to the injured area. Additionally, you can also tie a bandage on the swollen area, donít make it too lose or too tight. Lastly, elevate the injured area as it reduces swelling due to gravity.

2.    Seek Medical Attention

As aforementioned, some injuries are minor, while others can be quite severe. While the RICE method may work efficiently for minor injuries, it might not be the case with the serious ones. The moment where a minor injury takes long before it heals, and there is no sign of improvement, it might just be time to get professional diagnosis. A thorough physiotherapy function checkup with the use of X-rays will enable the therapists to identify the underlying problem and come up with a treatment plan for the same. Some treatments may require you to be out of the field for a longer time than others. It all depends on how severe the injury is.

3.    Incorporate Supplements In Your Diet

While nursing an injury, one of the best ways to a successful healing process is to take supplements such as Omega-3 fats which helps in inflammation. Also, eat protein-rich foods as they help in building the bodyís muscles.  Your physiotherapist is in a better position to advise you on the types of supplements you can take as well as various foods that will help you heal faster.

4.    Be Patient With The healing process

Due to the love of sports, injured players often feel the urge to get back on the ground after one or two days. However, this should not be the case as it may predispose you to more injury. As such, it is recommended that you give the injury enough time for the tissues to get back in shape. One of the treatment plans that physiotherapists recommend is exercising the muscles once the inflammation goes down. Do not be too hard; little movements a day will get you through your recovery process. To avoid straining the muscles, ensure that the pain has completely subsided before embarking on your sport.

5.    Go Slow After recovery

After fully recovering from the injury, it is vital to start slow as you gain momentum. You want to first start with light exercises during your training for the first few weeks to give the muscles a chance to adapt and get back in shape. Checking up with your physiotherapist once in a while also helps in determining if you are ready to get back into serious training.


Injuries are part and parcel of sports, but, never let injuries stop your love for the game. By following the tips as mentioned above, you are sure to have a stronger comeback when you get back to your sport. Ensure that you follow the physiotherapy treatment plan for better results.

Image Credit: Sports Injury via lzf/Shutterstock