How To Get A Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

Everyone smiles. However, beauty standards consider some smiles to be more perfect than others. But what makes a perfect smile?

In a perfect smile, the size, shape, and color of your teeth are not the only determining factors. Your gums and lips symmetry also contribute to the perfectness of your smile. Fortunately, this article explores factors that make a perfect smile and how to get one.

What Is A Perfect Smile?

According to Dentakay dental clinic, a perfect smile is not just about the appearance of your teeth. It considers your lip’s symmetry, amount of teeth, gums, and the width of the smile. When designing your smile, your dentist considers all the elements that make a perfect smile.

A perfect smile, according to beauty standards, consist of the following;

  • Symmetrical Lips

When you smile, your upper and lower lips must be perfectly symmetrical. The center of your lips should also align with your face’s midline.

  • Teeth Color

A perfect smile does not have stains. Moreover, because your smile leaves a lasting impression on people, a beaming white smile is considered perfect.

  • Teeth Shape

Your incisors should be at the centre front and slightly larger than your other front teeth. To be considered perfect, your teeth should not be chipped, broken, or have gaps between them. Your teeth should also be straight.

  • No Gums

If more than 4mm of your gums shows when your smile, it takes the attention away from your smile. A perfect smile should have less than 2mm of gums showing.

  • No Bottom Teeth

When you smile, your bottom teeth should not show. Otherwise, your smile is not considered pleasant enough. However, bottom teeth show when you smile if you have bite abnormalities.

How To Get The Perfect Smile

FYou may have straight white teeth but a gummy smile. Therefore, perfect smile treatments are not a general solution. Instead, it consists of different treatments to address a patient’s concerns. Some of the treatments to achieve a perfect smile include;

  • Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening procedure removes deep-seated stains in your teeth. Although you may regularly use a tooth-whitening toothpaste or an at-home kit, they are not as effective as whitening your teeth in a dental office.

Your dentist uses a concentrated whitening agent and an activating light to remove stains and improve your smile.

  • Lip Fillers

Lip fillers increase lip volume and improve symmetry. Your dentist will inject lip fillers in the corners of your mouth and edges of your lips to give you a perfect smile. However, it is essential to note that although they produce immediate results, lip fillers are not a permanent solution.

The effect of fillers wears off with time, depending on your metabolism rate. However, you will need to get touch-ups every 12- 18 months to maintain lip symmetry.

  • Gummy Smile Treatment

Your dentist can treat gummy smiles through invasive and non-invasive techniques. Non-invasive techniques include the use of botox injections.

The injection restricts overactive lip muscles so they don’t show too much of your gums when you smile. You have to get touch-up injections every 3 to 6 months because the effect of botox wears off with time.

Invasive gummy smile treatment, on the other hand, includes a crown lengthening procedure or an orthodontic surgery. In a crown lengthening treatment, your dentist will remove excess gum tissue and sculpt the gum line to make it appear higher. Furthermore, orthodontic treatment involves using orthodontic appliances or surgery to move the teeth upward.

  • Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics improves your teeth alignment. For example, suppose you have severe crookedness, crowded teeth, or bite problems. In that case, an orthodontist can prescribe the proper treatment to improve your teeth. Orthodontic treatments include braces, retainers, clear aligners, and palate expanders.

  • Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a makeover for your teeth. This treatment usually consists of veneers, which your dentist bonds to the front of your teeth. These tiny tooth shells improve your teeth’ size, shape, and color.

Because your dentist wants to give you a perfect smile, a veneer treatment is peculiar to you alone. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create the tooth shells. Some dentists even use computer-assisted technology to collect these impressions. Consequently, your veneers suit you perfectly.

  • Dental Implants

Missing teeth also make your smile imperfect. But with dental implants, your dentist can replace your tooth root to improve your smile. Dental implants are a permanent solution and act as prosthetic teeth anchors.

  • Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are prosthetic teeth that fit over damaged or decaying teeth. They are also used as replacement teeth on dental implants. Because dentists can match the color of crowns, they are great for restoring your teeth and giving you a perfect smile.

Why Should You Get Your Perfect Smile In Turkey?

Turkey is home to renowned and highly sought-after dentists in Europe. Moreover, treatment costs are cheaper due to medical tourism. You also have access to cutting-edge technologies to make your treatment as seamless as possible.

Besides getting dental treatment, you can also tour the country and enjoy the culture and food without going out of your budget.

How To Maintain Your Perfect Smile

After getting a procedure to improve your smile, it is essential to maintain it for it to last long. You can maintain your smile by brushing and flossing regularly. Also, ensure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid scraping away the outer enamel of your teeth.’

Furthermore, avoid sugary or sticky foods to prevent tooth decay and discolorations. Eating hard substances can also break or chip your teeth. It is also best to visit your dentist regularly for routine oral checkups.


A perfect smile is simply one that satisfies beauty standards. Depending on what needs fixing, your dentist can recommend a combination of treatments to improve your smile. It is, therefore, best to first consult your dentist for an oral examination for a perfect smile.