How to Find the Best Male Masturbation Toys

Orgasms feel amazing; nobody could argue with that. Sex with a live partner can’t be beat (yet), but male masturbation toys are quickly closing the gap between what’s real and fake. Today’s sex toy industry is so large, in fact, that most men have no idea how or where to find the best devices. It then becomes a war between the shopper’s raging libido and the marketing team’s cleverness in describing each machine. However, there’s a better way to locate what you’re looking for and it has nothing to do with advertising.

Picking out the best male-based pleasure products can be tricky. The first step is always education, so take the time to define these contraptions before adding them to your collection. If knowledge is power, then you’re about to have the most powerful orgasm of your life.

What Is It?

A male masturbation toy, or MM, is a specially made pleasure device that’s used by men to stimulate the penis in various ways. The most common forms of stimulation are suction and stroking, although many high-tech versions offer things like vibrations and heating elements as well. The average man can enjoy manual or automatic sensations through the use of countless user-friendly features and/or settings, each of which has a unique contribution to the overall experience. In some cases, MMs are used for more than just pleasure, as they can sometimes correct Peyronie’s Disease, aid with erectile dysfunction, or decrease premature ejaculation.

Back in the day, the best versions were made out of animal skins, tube socks and bare hands. These days, high-tech male masturbators flood the market and give men a safer and more satisfying climax. Unfortunately, these types of toys now come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of functionalities and flaws to consider. Finding the perfect one often requires several steps, including reading reviews, browsing buyer’s guides, and asking for recommendations from sexual health experts and/or doctors. 

How It Is Used?

No two MMs are made the same, but that doesn’t mean they function differently. Only slight variations can be found, and that’s only because some devices are made for medical applications rather than pleasurable ones. Either way, the average male masturbation toy for men works by providing a tight and often texturized canal for the penis to penetrate. When the canal dimensions are combined with an up and down jerk-off motion, the magic happens.

High-end versions of these toys usually contain automatic drivetrains to allow for hands-free fun. However, most of the manual options feature more extreme sleeve textures and many of them can be used with automatic housing machines for enhanced session versatility and fully customizable experiences. As always, plenty of compatible lubricant is recommended and proper device aftercare is preferred.

What Are the Most Common Features?

Knowing about the most common features of a good male masturbation toy for men will help you pinpoint the product you truly desire. So, while all MMs are different, here are the components and/or features you’ll most likely find when you’re shopping:

  • Specialized Canal Textures

As mentioned, the best part about using a male masturbation device is experiencing the intense canal texture within the toy’s unique insertion chamber. Specialized textures are common and are often regarded as synonymous with MMs and other male-based sex toys.

  • Penile Precision Components

Most devices in this category offer mechanisms and construction components that stimulate the penis with insane precision – often times through computer-aided motors, motion sensors and industry-leading ergonomics that almost always are tailored specifically to the average man’s anatomy.

  • User-Friendly Functionality

Because masturbation is such a tricky sport, modern-day manufacturers have taken a special interest in creating easy to use machines, whether for manual or automatic stimulation. Because of that, most MMs are extremely ergonomic, durable and simplified in their functionality.

If you’re lucky, you might also find higher-end features such as:

  • Perineum stimulators
  • Ball stimulators
  • Porn star molded detailing
  • Virtual reality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless remote controlling

No matter how fancy (or simple) a device is, always pick the one that looks and/or feels like it would perform best in your bedroom. What works for one guy might not work for you. To thine own self be true.

Things to Know about Yourself

Procuring the perfect male masturbation toy: An exercise that takes guts and glory, plus plenty of knowledge about yourself and/or your partner. Without the right information, even the best products can end up doing more harm than good. Here are all the things you need to know or find out:

  • Your Skin Type

Sex toys are made from a wide variety of materials, some of which are not safe for all skin types. Find out if there are any sensitivities or allergies that need to be addressed ahead of time, and stick with hypoallergenic materials like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or a patented polycarbonate blend for best results.

  • Your Intentions

The kinds of sex and the goals you have both play an enormous role in the type of toy you should buy. For example, if you’re wanting to improve your stamina instead of simply increase your pleasure, machines with specialized training textures would be best. On the other hand, if you’re playing with a partner then a high-tech, interactive device would be more suitable. A great toy can be transformed into a worthless hunk of junk in the wrong bedroom.

  • Your Lifestyle

Certain options can be too much or too little depending on the lifestyle, living situation and knowledge of the person using it. Do you have roommates that need to be considered? Does all the tech equipment in your home function properly and do you have the right security measures in place? How does your lube and sex toy cleaner stash look these days? The answers to those questions can drastically change the types of toys you should be looking for.

What to Look For

In general, toys listed among the top 15 best masturbation devices for men are suitable for everybody. Their features, components, construction and materials have all been carefully selected and manufactured for high quality. Moreover, the top-selling models have become popular primarily because they do exactly what they were designed to do and that’s consistently deliver mind-blowing orgasms in a fully customizable way no matter where the man is or who he decides to play with.

These “miracle machines” are rapidly revolutionizing the sex toy industry one bedroom at a time, so look for the ones that have the biggest consumer fanbase and the most positive user reviews. Remember, it’s not a matter of clever marketing, attractive packaging or competitive pricing. You get what you pay for and advertisers are there to take your money. Hunt for high-end male masturbators made by well-known companies and shop only through reputable suppliers regardless of the discount codes and coupons offered. Most importantly, look for something that can be used in more ways than one – for pleasure, for training, by yourself, with a partner, alongside X-rate content, etc.

JUST THE TIP: Don’t forget to purchase products that come with a warranty because life can be unpreDICKtable and some of these devices are stupid expensive.