How to Choose the Best Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil to Suit You

Bottle of CBD Oil

It seems everywhere you turn a new CBD shop is opening up. With sales expected to exceed $5 billion dollars, CBD oil products are taking over the market.

Yet, with so much to choose from, how do you know which pharmaceutical grade CBD oil is right for you?

Knowing the important factors to consider when shopping for oil will help you narrow down your search to the oil thatís perfect for your needs.

Letís look at how to choose the best pharmaceutical grade CBD oil for you.

Look into Where the Hemp Is Grown

Many of the CBD oil products available are from hemp. Knowing the hemp source plays an important part in the CBD oil quality.

Most of the hemp produced in the U.S. comes from Colorado, Oregon, or Kentucky. Each state is subject to federal and state testing to make sure it follows FDA guidance for proper manufacturing practices. Select hemp companies like Mana Botanics in Hawaiíi grow their hemp using regenerative farming practices to maintain the triple bottom line and effective sustainability practices.

Hemp produced overseas is not covered by these regulations.

Check labels to find where the hemp gets produced. If itís not listed, ask the retail staff for more information.

Check THC Levels

Not looking to get a head-high when using CBD oil? Then knowing the THC level in your product will make a difference.

Most CBD oil has a THC level of 0.3% or less. That level wonít affect a drug test and is within legal limits of states where marijuana is against the law. Yet, itís enough to enhance the therapeutic effect of CBD.

If you want an oil with more THC, make sure it falls within your stateís legal limits and regulations.

Isolate vs Full Spectrum

Pharmaceutical grade CBD oil comes in two different varieties Ė full spectrum and isolate. Full spectrum contains all the active ingredients found in plant matter while isolate is more purified.

Because of the numerous active ingredients, full spectrum offers more general health benefits than isolate. These ingredients work in synergy to amplify the effects.

Isolate only contains one compound, making it perfect for those concerned about drug testing or with allergies to cannabinoids. It can also address specific needs, which full spectrum canít easily handle.

Find the highest quality full spectrum and isolate CBD oils formulated by pharmacists at Elevated Wellness.

Know the CBD Amount

Itís important to know not only how much CBD is in the whole bottle, but also how much is in each dose. The amount is usually expressed in milligrams and varies by product.

Be careful of labels that only list the number of total cannabinoids. This amount includes other ingredients besides CBD and doesnít accurately reflect the CBD concentration.

Research Test Results and Reviews

After studying the labels, turn your attention to test results. Many manufacturers will list the certificate of analysis to show how it performed in test studies.

Be wary of those who donít list their test results or refuse to give them at all.

Also, look at product reviews. You can find information online, such as CBDmd Reviews, that will list out all the pros and cons.

Find the Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Oil Thatís Right for You

Find winning results in the perfect pharmaceutical grade CBD oil for you. By knowing what factors to look for, it will make your shopping and decision easy.

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