How Long will Botox Results on Your Wrinkles?


If you notice fresh or not that fresh wrinkles on your face and think about getting rid of them with the help of Botox, you perhaps will be interested in the way it works, the duration of the effect, number of treatments needed to see the full result, etc. On the market, you can buy Botox 50U, Botox 100U, Botox 100U European, Botox 100U Turkish. If this confuses you, do not worry.

All these are names for the same Botox treatment. The only difference is the country manufacturer and preparation volume. So, let us get started about the Botox mechanism of work and the duration of its effect.

How long does Botox take to work?

Botox is a neurolexant treatment based on botulinum toxin type A. When the substance penetrates the dermal tissues, it targets the endings of the nerves, binding to special proteins on the ends, responsible for receiving the signal from the brain. It makes the nerves insensitive and unable to receive the signals and respond to them.

Or course, all this process does not happen at once, and it takes time for the toxin to paralyze all the nerves. So, directly after the treatment, you may not even see any difference neither in your facial expressions nor the number or depth of the dynamic wrinkles on the face. After 2-3 days, you may notice the first impact of Botox injections that will gradually strengthen till the end of the second week.

It means that approximately after 14 days you had your injections, the wrinkles and lines should disappear from your face, leaving a smooth surface of the skin.

When do you maximum results from Botox?

Started working after a few days, Botox injections gradually gain tempo and relax facial muscles. In most cases, the maximum effect of Botox is reached till the end of the second month after the injection. Of course, it is always individual and depends on many factors like the patient’s age, depth of the fine lines, mobility of the treated area, and so on.

By the way, Botox can be injected only into the forehead, area under the eyes, glabella zone, and around the mouth as it removes just creases and lines caused by the active facial movement like crow’s feet, marionette lines, and so on.

After 2 months, the effects of Botox will gradually weaken and decrease.

How long will Botox keep lines and wrinkles smooth?

So, now we know the principle of how Botox works. Another important question is, how long does Botox last? Once again, it is individual, and the time frames for Botox action can vary from 3 months to 6 months. The more active your facial expressions are, the sooner your muscles will renew their ability for contraction and forming new lines and wrinkles.

Why and how does it happen? Botox does not kill the nerves. If it did, your face would lose the ability to move forever, and you would look like a puppet. On the contrary, it blocks the nerve endings. However, our organism is capable of self-recovery and renewal. That is why our wounds heal, hair grows, and so on. These processes happen on the cellular level as well.

So, our nerves are able to grow new endings, which are not affected by the toxin, thus, able to receive the signals from the brain, corresponding to them by contracting the muscle. So you renew your ability to move the eyebrows, frown, and so on. The sooner your organism recovers itself, the sooner the action of Botox will weaken.

How often do I need to repeat the procedure with Botox?

As Botox treatments are permanent, to keep your appearance smooth and young as long as possible, you will have to schedule an appointment with a board-certified cosmetic or dermatology doctor on a regular basis. How often you should get Botox depends on personal characteristics and the way your body responds to the treatment.

In any case, it will not be faster than in intervals in 3-4 months after the first treatment. Instead, you will get the anti-aging effect of rejuvenation in the common areas that will look natural and beautiful. Nothing lasts forever, and Botox injections are not an exception.