How Does Lasik Surgery Work?

Lasik Surgery

Table of Contents:

  • How Long Will the Effects of Lasik Be?
  • Are You Eligible for Lasik Surgery?
  • What are the Immediate Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery?
  • What are Some Precautions You Need to Take After Your Lasik Surgery? 

There are many misconceptions around Lasik eye surgeries that it is necessary to clarify those myths and beliefs. Lasik eye surgery is a voluntary medical procedure that manipulates the entrance of light in your eyes. This is what determines how clearly you are able to see. Lasik surgery changes the shape of the cornea and changes the exact place where the light hits your eye. This location is what determines how clear your vision will be. The surgery is of different types for different problems. However, in all of them, the shape of the cornea is altered. Since this is a surgery done to the eyes, there are many misnomers around it. You need to ensure that you are getting this surgery done with a proper medical environment with medical professionals who have the training and expertise to carry out such a procedure- Just like you will for any other medical procedure. 

Other than that, there are some side effects that you will experience for a few hours before you transform your vision for the better. This article will help you get a better idea about some of the things you should expect when you are going in for a Lasik eye surgery or what to expect immediately after it.   

How Long Will the Effects of Lasik Be?

This surgery will change the shape of your cornea, maybe even create flaps with it to relax the cornea a bit. There is a very physical manipulation of the eye that is carried out in the procedure. Therefore, till the time a similar manipulation does not take place, it is almost impossible that the effects of your Lasik surgery will go away. Under the very unlikely circumstances and the conditions of your eyes, you may have to get a second Lasik surgery done if you do not get the desired results. However, this is in extreme cases and is rare. This is not a common practice. 

The effects of a Lasik surgery are permanent, as long as there is no other manipulation to the cornea as much as a Lasik. Since the effects are permanent, people are so cautious about going in for the surgery. However, you will be transforming your vision for the better. Once you get the surgery done, you will not have to worry about much at all. Your vision will improve and you will live  life free of spectacles, lenses and constant visits to the doctor.    

Are You Eligible for Lasik Surgery?

This is the first step you will have to cross, so to speak, when you are deciding whether to get this surgery or not. Everyone with different kinds of eye conditions is not always eligible for Lasik surgery. Even though it accommodates a lot of eye conditions, there are still some exceptions to it in 2022 as well! If you have astigmatism or cataract, this is not the surgery for you. There are other procedures and directions that you can take to improve your vision but a Lasik corrective vision surgery is not for you. 

For a Lasik eye surgery, you can have a complex set of problems which may include near- sightedness or far- sightedness. You cannot, however, have a power higher than -8 or +8. Such a high power has a significant impact on the shape of your cornea. The shape and thickness of the cornea becomes very important because the thickness of the cornea determines how quickly and properly you will recover from the surgery. Your eligibility for the surgery will be determined on the basis of how thick the cornea is.   

What are the Immediate Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery?

Immediately after a Lasik eye surgery, you will not be able to see very clearly as your eyes will have gone through a lot of manipulation. You may not be able to open your eyes immediately as well. You will be kept in an observation room for some time to let you adjust to the new settings. This is also to ensure that there are no problems and you will be recovering as normally as expected. You will need to make arrangements for yourself because you will not be able to drive or even see clearly. It is possible that you will be given some eye drops to relax some of the dryness of your eyes. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated as the surgery will make your eyes extremely dry. 

You will not be able to drive till your doctor does not clear you for the same. It can take up to two weeks for them to clear you for the same. This is because you may still feel some blurriness at night and you need to have sound vision to actually get behind the wheel again.  

What are Some Precautions You Need to Take After Your Lasik Surgery? 

You need to avoid contact with water immediately after the surgery. You also cannot be looking at any kind of screen for a few hours from the surgery. The dryness and even the scratchiness that you will feel will not allow you to open your eyes much. However, this only lasts a few hours. After that, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities again. A complete recovery can take up to a week, nothing beyond that. While driving may be an issue for you, you will be able to go back to normal life very quickly. The exact time for your recovery and any other precautions can only be conveyed to you by your consulting eye specialist in Delhi

You obviously cannot touch or rub your eyes in any way. You also cannot go out in direct sunlight, so you will have to avoid physical exercises and routines in your recovery period. All these precautions need to be followed seriously to ensure a proper and speedy recovery from the procedure.