How can you tell the difference between a queen and king mattress?

king mattress

When you look at your crusty mattress and finally take the decision of changing it, it becomes a tough decision to make. Often the dilemma is you not being able to decide between the queen or king mattress. Naturally, the question arrives in our mind that how different the king mattress is than the other one. we are going to make sure you have elaborated understanding of the total process.  We will help you determining differences between queen and king mattress, so let’s start with dimension as size!

The difference in dimension and size:

The king mattress size is 76 x 80 inches. This size is suitable for a king size adjustable bed. If you have a large room take it to your home without tension. But a king size mattress in a small room is not a good idea. You will need space for other furniture as well. On the other hand, queen mattress is 60×80 inches.

Split queen adjustable bed can be your best choice on this case. The width is just smaller here. If you are a single person who prefers a spacious place this will make you most comfortable. Couples who do not have a big master bedroom will also feel fine with this mattress.

The difference in price:

It is obvious bigger one will cost more than the smaller one. You get the larger dimension of bed and other accessories in better shape for the king size. It is why the price is a little bit more. On the other hand, the queen size bed will provide you with breathing space in your room with comfort. So, take your decision as per your sleeping preference. As the price matters are sure of what you are taking.

Availability of Accessories:

Finding accessories for both queen or california king mattress is easy. They are widely available everywhere. But the queen mattress is more popular with the people. Not all of us can manage a king-sized bed with a big master bedroom. So we love to find comfort in simpler things. The accessory does not really matter here. So do not feel worried about this.

The difference in occupying space?

Space is quite important in terms of choosing a mattress. King size bed provides an additional 16 inches more comfort. But often people find that their room may not have enough room for a king size bed. For this, buy the queen size and for extra comfort, you can also use the hybrid mattress.

Now, the question is how you can understand which one is preferable for you. A simple rule you should follow is keeping a space of at least 2 feet on three sides of the room. Keep furniture like wardrobe there if you have any on there.

The difference in comfort:

Comfort depends on your preference only. If you prefer you can also use the hybrid mattress as well. If you have a partner and love to sleep in a spacious place then get king size adjustable bed. Because it will let you sleep by yourself. On the other hand, a split queen size adjustable bed will give enough space but not so much space.

Like you can sleep with your toddler in your king size bed. It will not be possible with queen mattress. Everything here depends on your comfort. If you do not mind sleeping in a spacious place but live in a smaller room then it is okay.


These were our take on the differences between king and queen mattress. Comfort is something that we all direly need as after a long day at work, we roll on our bed at last. we hope this article helps you to get that.