Hot air inhaler can keep Covid at bay: Kerala man

A 64-year-old Kerala man, who believes himself to be an amateur scientist, has developed a hot air inhaler which could keep even the Coronavirus at bay, but authorities are yet to put their stamp of approval on it. As of now it is just a claim.

M.C. David who hails from Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district, time and again has been in the news with his innovations/inventions.

“The invention is a simple face mask in which a specially made part is fixed, which is a heat radiating system using heat element with a battery management system(BMS). Anyone can wear this mask and breathe the hot air for around 30 minutes a day and one can be rest assured one will have no fear of any Covid. So far I have made 10 units and my family and friends have used it.

“I was the first to use it, when one day when I got up I felt I had all the Covid symptoms , but after one single use, all the symptoms disappeared and so were the results I got from those who used this,” added David.

David, however, is waiting with fingers crossed for an approval, as he has been waiting for the past 45 days after sending it to ICMR, and state capital city based reputed institutes — Sree Chithra Thirunal Institute and Medical Technology and the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.

Ever since his return from the Middle East in 2013, where he worked as a quantity surveyor/estimator with leading companies, David has had seven patents, including one US one to his name.

Speaking to IANS, David said with the pandemic still surging, his thought process was put to work and he come out with the hot air inhaler.

“The basic factor is that viruses could not live in continuous hot situation. Many studies have been published in connection with this effect. The only possible solution,” according to David, “was a steam inhaler.”

David’s latest invention — a face mask, which requires a mobile charger with 5V, 2Amp (adapter) — enough to power the unit, he said.

“This can be used anywhere, even when one is on the move and the same unit can be used by multiple people,” after cleaning it.

“I have had no response from anywhere and I have also approached the Kerala Startup Mission. I wish somebody comes up as there have been medical literature which speaks of the success of inhalation of hot humid air,” added David, who is also a self proclaimed magician.