Home Must-Haves To Stay Safe and Updated During the Coronavirus Outbreak

corona virus

The current CoronaVirus pandemic has forced us to reevaluate a lot of things about our lives and what is important. In many countries under lockdown, we have started to wonder if we’ll ever be able to do some of the simple things that we previously took for granted, like taking a trip, hugging our friends, or going out for dinner.

As we are forced to stay home, we are also having to reconsider what household things are essential for our lives, and the early days of the pandemic saw people loading up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer. This pandemic has certainly shown us that it pays to be prepared and well-stocked in an emergency. With the current situation far from being over in many countries, this article is a guide for home must-haves to stay safe and updated during the coronavirus outbreak.

  1. A Reliable Generator

A reliable generator can be used as back-up power in case you have a problem and you cannot call out an electrician because of the virus. With strict social distancing in place in many countries, all non-essential work is highly restricted so it may take longer than usual for electricians and other tradesmen to come out. There is a wide range of generators available so do your homework on which model is best for you. There are two main types of a generator to choose from, standby generators and portable generators, but the folks at Krugerpower stated that a standby generator is best for your home. There’s a range of standby generators available, but the main thing you need to take into consideration is the generator’s fuel source and power capacity. Diesel generators are much cheaper to run than generators fueled by gasoline or natural gas as they are more fuel-efficient. The price of your generator will be dictated by its power capacity so before you choose one, work out how many watts you will need to keep your appliances running in an emergency. Standby generators have wattage outputs ranging from 7,000 and 20,000 watts, with the most powerful generators fetching the highest prices.  

2. A Thermometer 

The two most common symptoms of coronavirus are dry cough and fever, so a reliable thermometer is very important to make sure that your family is not infected with the virus. Coronavirus is the cause of so much anxiety that it is easy to feel like you have a fever or some other symptoms when it is actually just because you are worried. A reliable thermometer will enable you to put your mind at ease or, if you are running a fever, to seek medical advice early. As with all diseases, the earlier coronavirus is caught, the better the treatment prognosis. Look for an electronic thermometer as it will enable temperatures to be taken without saliva being transmitted onto the thermometer.

3. Water Filtration System

The second thing you need to stay safe and updated during the outbreak is a quality water filtration system. With the panic buying that was witnessed at the initial outbreak of the pandemic, supplies of bottled water in stores ran out within the first few days. Whilst in most places the initial panic has subsided somewhat and stocks are being replenished, it showed just how fragile supply chains which are usually so reliable can be. Governments are ordering their citizens to stay at home and are only permitting grocery shopping when it is necessary, so anything that can reduce the number of shopping trips required is useful during the coronavirus outbreak. A filtration system will provide your family with unlimited safe drinking water no matter what the emergency. Water filtration systems remove hard minerals and other impurities from water, which can be harmful to your health. 

If your family usually drinks bottled water, investing in a water filtration system will save a huge amount of money for over a year. On average, each person drinks over 30 gallons of bottled water a year, so it is far cheaper to drink filtered tap water instead. As well as saving money, water filtration can also save water, which is in increasingly short supply in the world and will also reduce plastic pollution. 75% of all plastic pollution is water bottles and they are causing huge problems in the oceans as well as polluting groundwater supplies and food chains.

4. Video Chat Capabilities

Experts are extremely worried about the effects coronavirus is having on people’s mental health as they are forced to stay inside for weeks and are unable to meet their friends and family. Whilst social distancing and isolation is very important for flattening the curve and reducing the rate of infection, it is leaving many people feeling lonely and anxious for their loved ones’ safety. Video chat is a fantastic way to check up on family and friends and to stop people from feeling like they are alone in this difficult time. During the outbreak, people have been using video chat to hold webcam quizzes, webcam birthday parties, and even webcam dates. Video chat capabilities are a must-have for staying updated with friends and maintaining mental health during this pandemic.

5. Prescription and Non-prescription Medicine

With many medical centers being converted to coronavirus treatment centers and many patients being advised to stay away from hospitals except for emergencies, it can be very difficult during this outbreak to obtain the prescription medicine that you need. When you do have the opportunity, try and get at least a month’s supply to tie you over. As well as your prescription medication, make sure you have a good supply of generic non-prescription medicine like pain killers, anti-inflammatory, and allergy medicine. It is better to have everything ready just in case you need it than to find that you need it and don’t have any. The preparation and forward-thinking are vital during this outbreak.

The outbreak has been unprecedented in the death and illness that it is causing and the enormous upheaval it has caused to people’s lives in every country on the planet. Staying safe and updated during this time can be difficult, but with careful planning and preparation, you give yourself the best chance for protecting yourself and your family. Follow this guide and listen to the advice of the medical professionals and hopefully soon the coronavirus outbreak will be over.