Here are some non-surgical treatments that can produce similar results to surgical procedures


New York is home to many actors, models, and a lot of professionals in the corporate world. You are likely to be surrounded by attractive people and perhaps a lot more plastic surgery than a lot of other areas in the United States. In the last ten years, minimally invasive procedures have dominated cosmetic medicine.

There are many new New York City medical spas that offer minimally-invasive options for achieving the desired results that typically require surgical intervention, without actually having to go under the knife. The PDO thread lift is a popular alternative to a surgery related facelift. PDO thread lifts aren’t available in all areas of New York or everywhere in the United States, because they are still relatively new in America, meaning that there are only a few surgeons who offer this treatment.

PDO threads, along with many other treatments, are an alternative to surgery that can provide the best results, similar to those of a face lift, without having to undergo all the downsides that are involved in surgical procedures. This list includes other minimally invasive options that can help you achieve the results you desire without needing to have surgery.

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PDO threads

A PDO Thread Lift is an alternative to a surgical face lift and offers an instant result. PDO thread lifts are accomplished by the insertion of barbed surgical threads under the skin.

These threads are usually inserted in the lower face, jaw, neck, and jowel areas, which are common areas that show facial skin sagging during the aging process. The threads are then pulled upward with the skin which is held in place by the barbs on the threads. This creates a lifting effect that works well for those with loose or sagging skin.

This procedure is quick and can last for up to 2 years. PDO threads are not a surgical procedure that requires a long recovery period. You can return to work the next day with minimal bruising, swelling and general discomfort which will resolve over four to six weeks. There are various types of PDO threads, and while barbed threads are the ones used for the results of a face lift, there are a few other purposes for PDO threads.

To learn more about this advanced approach to facial rejuvenation read this article, where doctors explain complex anatomical terminology underlying PDO thread procedure in simple terms.

Cheek fillers

Cosmetic medicine has advanced to minimally invasive procedures, so cheek implants are no longer as common, which is probably best for everyone. People are choosing to have dermal fillers injected into their cheeks instead of having cheek implants.

Dermal fillers can be used to replace volume in your cheeks and can even enhance the structure of your cheekbones to give you a more “snatched” look. Many cheek fillers are hyaluronic-based and can be dissolved using hyaluronidase injections, which immediately break down and reverse the effects of hyaluronic acid. The cheek fillers can last from 6 months to 2 years.

They are non-surgical and a great way to enhance your cheekbones. Along with cheek fillers, many people also get under eye fillers, which are incredibly popular and go hand in hand with the general area of the cheek and mid face.

Fillers for the jawline and chin

As people are starting to avoid surgery and implants, jawline and cheek fillers have been growing in popularity. You can get instant results with jawline and chin fillers without the need for surgery or downtime that is associated with surgical implants. The results will last between six months and two years. Most dermal fillers that are based on hyaluronic acids are dissolvable using hyaluronidase, making them a top choice for most injectors as the patient has the opportunity to get their fillers dissolved, should they change their minds, which, needless to say, is not that easy when it comes to surgical procedures. Juvederm, one of the most popular fillers for treating age-related facial deficiency, is also very well-known.

Nose filler

Surgical Rhinoplasties are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in aesthetic medicine. Although a dermal filler cannot be used to replace a surgical rhinoplasty in all cases it can be used to adjust the shape of the bridge or any bumps or dents on the nose. You can use it to test the effects of a nose augmentation before you have to undergo a more serious, surgical and typically irreversible procedure. Nose fillers can be dissolvable, and depending on which type you use, they typically last between six months and two years, making them an easy option for those who are on the fence about a surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical buttlift

Brazilian butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts are well-known. Although the results are promising, they usually aren’t worth the downtime and surgery that they require. The Sculptra Butt Lift may be a good option for anyone who is interested in butt augmentation, but doesn’t want to go through a surgery. Sculptra works by injecting a dermal Filler which stimulates your own collagen to increase the size of the treatment area. This causes the area to grow over the following two months. Although you may require one to five sessions, the results will last up to three years.

CoolSculpting and Kybella

CoolSculpting and Kybella can be used to remove unwanted fat, without the need for liposuction. CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis technology, which freezes the fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Kybella, on the other hand, injects deoxycholic acid to break down the fat cells. You may need three to five sessions for CoolSculpting and Kybella for optimal results.

There are many options available to achieve your desired outcome without needing to have surgery. These treatments are offered by a number of New York medical spas, along with other less invasive options. To confirm these treatments are right for you, consult a qualified medical professional.