Hemp oil: What It Is and Benefits

Hemp oil

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is just one of several products that can be extracted from plants of the genus Cannabis, whose effects are proven to be therapeutic, nutritional and aesthetic. It can be a great option for treating various disorders, ranging from skin problems to lowering blood pressure, for example.

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What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds through a process called compression. In its unrefined, cold-pressed version, it has a light green or dark green color and its flavor is very similar to that of nuts. The refined version is colorless, tasteless and clear, and can be used in beauty products. Furthermore, there is an industrial version, generally used in paints, fuels, lubricants and plastics.

In this way, hemp oil can be ingested or applied to the skin, thus offering several benefits due to its nutritious vitamins and moisturizing qualities.

How does it differ from cannabidiol oil?

It is very common for people to mix up hemp oil and cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil, or even to have the impression that they are the same thing. However, although they come from the same plant, there is a considerable difference between them.

CBD oil and hemp oil are extracted from the cannabis plant, more precisely, from a selected strain with a low level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, psychoactive substance), known as industrial hemp. The popularity of these products is quite high these days, especially CBD Flower UK.

However, the two products derive from different parts of their anatomy: while CBD oil is derived primarily from the flowers of the hemp plant, hemp oil is made from the seeds, extracted by cold pressing.

In addition, CBD oil produces distinct effects on the human body, interacting with body cells via the endocannabinoid system – an important ally in the regulation and balance of a series of physiological processes in the human body. Among other functions, CBD oil provides the natural conditions for the body to benefit from the therapeutic properties of Cannabis in fighting various diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, anxiety, cancer, among others.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, does not contain cannabinoids, so it does not produce the same physiological effects as CBD. Instead, it contains large amounts of beneficial nutrients, including fatty acids such as omega-3s.

What is hemp oil for?

Depending on how it is processed, hemp oil can serve different purposes, as discussed in the previous topics. In any case, it has currently been intended, more commonly, for aesthetic use, although its medicinal application is also well known.

Learn about the main benefits of hemp oil now:

1. Promotes skin renewal

Hemp oil is highly nourishing for the skin, and this is due to the vitamins and other components found in its composition, whose effects help to maintain a healthy appearance and prevent acne. Being rich in fatty acids, this oil nourishes the skin and protects it from inflammation, oxidative effects and other causes of aging.

2. Improves cognition

The fatty acids found in this oil are proven to be beneficial for brain health, as the brain is dependent on a large amount of healthy fats to function optimally. In addition, hemp seed extract, being rich in polyphenols, is able to help the brain defend itself from inflammatory processes.

3. Improves heart function

The nutritional profile of this oil makes it an important heart health ally, as it has a positive effect on the treatment of various health problems, such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. It also improves cholesterol levels, and this is due to the presence of linolenic acid, a fatty acid also present in fish and flaxseed oils.

4. Acts as a muscle relaxant

Hemp oil helps combat stress and muscle tension, benefits motivated by its fatty acids – whose anti-inflammatory effects help to relieve muscle tension and promote recovery after sports practice.

5. Helps to combat digestive disorders

Hemp seed oil is rich in soluble fiber, substances that keep the digestive tract healthy and clean, which significantly contributes to reducing digestive disorders such as bloating and constipation.