Hearing Issues: what viruses cause hearing loss?

what viruses cause hearing loss

Almost every person on the planet has heard of a coronavirus, which causes life-threatening complications. The whole world has been fighting it for several months now and it is too early to talk about victory. Despite all the measures taken, COVID-19 continues to spread and infect new people. However, I do not doubt that humanity will soon create an effective vaccine against this virus, and we will return to normal life again.

The pandemic showed well how carelessly we treat our health and how rarely we think about the complications that a simple cold can cause. Improper treatment can lead to unpleasant consequences, including hearing problems. At first, you just cough, and then you don’t hear your relatives. How to avoid these problems?

How can a person lose their hearing?

The human auditory organ is very important and at the same time fragile system. It allows us to interact with each other, watch movies, listen to music and receive various information. Along with hearing loss, we lose our communication capabilities with the outside world. A man closes in on himself; his life becomes gray and miserable. Many reasons can cause hearing impairment. However, audiologists point out the following reasons as main:

  • Malformation, which appeared at birth
  • Exposure to loud noises leading to neuropathic hearing loss
  • Genetic predisposition. There is a high likelihood of a hearing loss if your relative has a similar problem
  • Age-related hearing loss. According to statistics, one in three Americans over 60 has a such problem
  • Medicines and their side effects

However, I want to pay special attention to viral infections that can damage your hearing, although you don’t even know about it. It is very important to correctly identify the first symptoms of an infection and immediately seek help.

What viral infections affect hearing?

Viral infections that affect hearing can be divided into two categories. Some of them make a person deaf from birth and are transmitted from their parents. The rest is a threat to adults. The following viruses belong to the first category:

  • Measles. The infection is easily transmitted from mother to child. In newborns, the first problems usually appear six months to a year after birth
  • CMV. Parents of children with CVM must constantly monitor their condition. This will help detect the first hearing issues in children and teenagers

Doctors isolate several more viruses that cause complications by ear. As a result, patients receive acquired hearing loss. Audiologists usually observe this problem in older patients

  • Chickenpox virus. Many people are immune to this infection from birth. However, in some patients, damage to the external auditory canal is noted
  • Measles. The infection spreads easily among people by airborne droplets. A hearing problem is the most common complication of this infection. Before the invention of the vaccine, more than 8% of Americans had deafness due to measles
  • Mumps. The virus belongs to the same family as measles. It causes various complications, including hearing impairment
  • Herpes simplex virus of two types. Hearing problems begin in both children and adults if treatment recommendations are not followed
  • HIV. According to statistics, more than 60% of children with this virus have certain hearing issues

Keep in mind that hearing issues due to complications of a viral infection are a fairly common occurrence. That is why it is so important to strictly follow the prescribed treatment.

Why is it necessary to treat hearing loss?

According to statistics, about 48 million Americans suffering from hearing impairment. This is a significant figure. The problem is especially affecting veterans. About 60% of former military personnel experience this problem. Unfortunately, most people are in no hurry to seek help and do not think about the consequences.

If you have hearing loss in any ear, you should take this problem seriously. The ailment carries physical and psychological discomfort. A person loses the opportunity for full communication with other people and happy life. In the absence of proper treatment, a person’s condition can quickly deteriorate, which will lead to serious complications. Recent research has shown a direct relationship between hearing loss and brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Study leader at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine says:

“Researchers have looked at what affects hearing loss, but few have looked at how hearing loss affects cognitive brain function”

How to avoid further development of the problem? The sooner a person turns to an audio hearing clinic, the less likely he will develop complications.

What are the preventative measures?

Any disorder is easier to prevent than to treat. Hearing loss is no exception. Many reasons cause this problem. Fortunately, a lot of them can be avoided if you are attentive to your health. For example, do not spend much time in a noisy environment without the use of special protective equipment. Diagnose your health every few years using professional audiological services. In the case of the first symptoms of a problem, contact an audiologist right away.

Unfortunately, congenital viral infections cannot be prevented. Especially if the mother does not know, that she is infected. The best prevention would be regular medical examinations and maintaining the immune system. Both children and adults should not forget about vaccinations. People vaccinated against measles and mumps will never lose their hearing due to complications. This topic is especially relevant in our time when many people refuse vaccinations.

The bottom line

Hearing is an important part of our lives. It is very important to monitor his condition. It allows us to live in society, helping to avoid many problems and dangers. Unfortunately, many causes, including complications of viral infections, can damage your hearing. Pay attention to your health, and at the first signs, immediately contact the clinic to make 5 minute hearing test and to stop further deterioration!