Health Problems Bugs and Insects Can Cause


Bugs and insects can be very threatening for us humans and animals. This is because they can cause various diseases that could be even fatal sometimes. Insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and bugs transmit disease-causing viruses to animals and humans. Scientists have developed vaccines for some of these deadly diseases. However, some diseases are still incurable. Therefore, it is very important to protect yourself from them. There are a number of ways you can kill bugs and insects to avoid the transmission of viruses. You can use pest repeller plug in, pest repellent sprays, and bug zappers. This can help deal with pests to a great degree.

Now letís have a look at some of the health problems insects can cause. This would help acknowledge the threats of letting the pests reside in your home and motivate you to make necessary steps to protect yourself from these parasites. 

1. Malaria

Malaria is one of the most common diseases transmitted through mosquito bites. Malaria is known to affect travelers the most. This is because of its prevalence in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Anopheles mosquitoes are the primary source of the spread of Malaria. They transfer a unicellular parasite called Plasmodium to the human blood when they bite them. This causes Malaria in human beings. Malaria is characterized by high fever and other such symptoms that can even cause death. 

2. West Nile disease

West Nile disease is caused by Flavivirus. Flavivirus is transmitted through Culex mosquitoes. This disease is most common in birds. However, in some states like France, this disease is carried by Camargue and affects horses as well as humans. This disease was first observed in Africa but with the passage of time, it is seen to be spreading across the American continent, Russia and Eastern Europe.

This disease is dangerous because of its asymptomatic nature. However, fever-like state and neurological issues, most commonly flaccid paralysis and encephalitis, signals the transmission of the disease. This disease could be fatal. Scientists are working on making its vaccine. 

3. Sleeping sickness

Sleeping sickness is another disease caused by Trypanosoma protozoa. Sleeping sickness is transmitted through a fly called tsetse fly, also known as Glossina. This disease is found in tropical and subtropical regions of America, affecting people living in rural areas only. 

Sleeping sickness progresses in two stages. The first stage is called the lymphatic or blood stage. In this stage. The parasite manages to get into the lymph or blood of the prey, through the bite of a tsetse fly. The second stage is called the neurological stage. In this stage, the parasite starts affecting the nervous system of the prey. If not treated on time, the disease can cause death. 

Sleeping sickness is basically treated with anti-parasite drugs. The treatment is hard yet effective. 

4. Chagas disease

Chagas disease is caused by Triatomine bugs, also known as kissing bugs. Unlike their name, disease caused by viruses transmitted by kissing bugs can be fatal. The disease is spread by the excrement of these bugs. 

Chagas disease is prevalent in Central and South America, and it is found to be spreading across the United States. Kissing bugs are called so because of their nature of biting sleeping humans around their eyes and mouth to suck blood. They transmit the parasite named Trypanosoma cruzi through their excretory material. The disease affects the heart of the prey causing failure of the heart, heart attack, arrhythmia, and eventual death. 

5. Cat scratch fever†

Cat scratch fever is caused by fleas that transmit bacteria called Bartonella henselae and as the name suggests, humans can get this disease through scratches and bites of their own pets. 

Also, flea bites can be threatening to human health directly, as they cause severe allergies in addition to the sensation of itchiness and frustration. 

So, these were a few potential diseases caused by bugs and insects that are life-threatening. We surely donít want to risk our lives before these parasites. Therefore we should take necessary precautions in order to protect ourselves from these pests. Stay safe!†