Goqii Vital Band 3.0 : Measures Body Temperature Launched

GOQii has launched the first wrist band named GOQii Vital 3.0 with sensors to detect body temperature, when the world is reeling under novel coronavirus, This smart-tech-enabled, integrated preventive healthcare platform has been said to detect an early symptom of COVID-19.

Priced at Rs 3,999, the device also tracks vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep while keeping a check on the user’s step count and calories.

Goqii Vital 3.0 smart band, latest fitness wearables from Goqii. The smart band features includes that can track and measure blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep. The Vital 3.0 band can track body temperature which is going to be a “breakthrough” in detecting early COVID-19 symptoms.

One of the symptoms of corona infection is the rise in body temperature suddenly. Goqii is working with German health tech company, Thryve, to check the accuracy of early detection of COVID-19. According to the company the trials are underway, and the results are expected in the next 6 months.

Goqii Vital 3.0 is amounting to Rs. 3,999 in Indian market. It is currently up for pre-booking on the Goqii India site, and the company in a note asserted that the Vital 3.0 would be available soon to purchase through Amazon and Flipkart. The smart band will be available in Indian market in “phases.”

“Goqii Vital 3.0 will be available on an emergency basis for the government and private enterprises, frontline workers, and some units will be available for the public,” the company said.

Additionally, the smart band is capable of tracking all-day activities such as steps, distance, and calories burned. The key highlight of the group is the thermal sensor that can detect body temperature. The temperature range is between 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit with an accuracy of +/- 0.3-degree Fahrenheit.

Goqii, with this feature, hopes to detect the early symptom of COVID-19. The company has collaborated with German health tech start-up Thryve will conduct a clinical study in India to check the accuracy of COVID-19 using this wearable.

Goqii Vital 3.0 Smart Band: Specifications

The smart band Goqii Vital 3.0 features a waterproof color display. A single charge can offer up to a week of battery life. Users can also receive messages, calls, along with other notifications on the smart band. The Goqii Vital 3.0 band can be operated and managed via the Goqii app.

The Goqii Vital 3.0 can also track and monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep. There’s also an Exercise Mode on the band.