Getting Leaner Starts Before Your Workout Shoes are Even Laced

Everybody knows that a workout is not something that exists in a vacuum. Your entire day needs to involve changes if you are going to see an upgrade to your overall fitness, as well as your aesthetic condition. What many people forget is that, just like finishing your workout and eating “cheat” style meals the rest of the day would be bad for your goals, the time before your workout also matters a lot.

Your mindset, your nutrition, the supplements you use and your choice of equipment are all important to having a successful workout. Further, these are all important to your goals. So, before you even lace up your workout shoes, you need to be in the game in more ways than one. This applies whether you are lifting, doing long cardio, HIIT workouts or anything else to get in better shape.

Mid-size Choices

Before you even begin to work out, you have made a decision you may not have given a lot of thought. This choice is, what are you planning to do with this workout? What is this workout’s purpose, and how does it fit into your overall goals of getting leaner and being healthier? Even more than these, what will you actually be doing with your workout?

The decision you make about what your workout is going to be and what you want it to do for you is important. Without having a plan and a goal, it is all too easy to spend half of your allotted gym time just staring at your phone, and the other half doing busy work like filling your water bottle or chatting with someone. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment for social time and wellness activities like a drink, but they are nowhere near as important as keeping the end goal in mind.

Mindset and setting goals might sound a little strange, but as The Work Out Nut might tell you, even the best supplementation is only as good as the person using it. When your mind is in a good place and you are focused, amazing things are possible. If your focus slips, or you go in without a plan beyond “getting a pump,” your results are unlikely to be all that they can be.

The Small Stack

Your choice of supplementation is also important. Many people will talk about their “stack,” as in the different kinds of supplements that they take. Some people do well by eating or drinking some protein prior to their workouts, while other people do better with a couple of hours of fasting. Some people need particular supplementation such as a pre-workout with some stimulants, while other people do not do as well with these.

The stack you take is something that goes well beyond the few minutes before your workout, but what happens beforehand is important to ensuring that your workout has the best impact on your body. There is a trial and error process that every person has to go through, in order to determine what is going to work best for their individual body.

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