Get the treatment you deserve with a Senior Citizens Card.

Senior Citizens Card

Getting older isn’t easy. Not just because you start to lose the people you once were close to but more because you start to lose control of a lot of your faculties. From health issues surfacing to your body just not being as strong and able as it once was, this is definitely a time when people need to start re-learning to work with what they have.

Given that our elders are the ones that shape our lives, the government has understood this need to help the aged and has brought about a number of schemes that they can avail of. To simplify the process, the Social Welfare Department has brought out a senior citizens card which will enable departments to ascertain if a person falls in the age group of a senior citizen and what kind of help can be provided.

Why do you need a Senior Citizens Card?

While many people can fend for themselves even at a later age, some are unable to do so right from the start of their 60’s. Sometimes, families may also find it hard to bear the financial burden that comes with the ailments and problems that begin to surface. In order to assist in making this process easier, a Senior Citizens card enables elderly citizens to avail concessions on various things from transport to medical treatment as well as be recipients of discounts and priority services in some departments or private and commercial establishments.

Who can apply for a senior citizens card?

Anyone who is above the age of 60 is eligible to apply for a senior citizens card. All you need to do is fill out a form and attach a few documents along with it. In case a woman has changed her name, she may have to submit her marriage certificate as well. In some cases, they may ask for a medical certificate from the doctor and pathologist to check if the person has any

ailments and to know their blood group. But largely, there are very few documents that need to be provided along with passport size photographs.

Once all this is submitted, it usually takes 60 to 90 days for everything to be processed and the certificate to be ready. This process can also be done online by heading to the government’s website and opting for a senior citizens certificate. The required information will then have to be filled in before you receive another application form.

Once you fill this up, upload the passport photographs and additional documents. Select the payment option and submit payment details. Once this is done, within a week to twenty days, you should be able to download a softcopy of the certificate.

It is important to remember that simple thing like having a separate counter that deals with the needs of senior citizens in establishments can go a long way. The country is waking up to recognise this and meet the daily needs of senior citizens. This is a step in the right direction. So do encourage the elderly people around you to get a senior citizens card to hasten and simplify their daily life.