Five Habits to Avoid that May Be Depleting your Energy Supply

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Habits are hard to give up, that is why falling into one can get you in trouble. This is especially true for bad habits. If you repeat something so many times you are bound to fall into one. Getting up and drinking coffee, your daily commute to work, even what you drink with a meal.

It is not always huge habits that can take your energy away, sometimes it’s the smallest problems. One of the keys to breaking a habit is to realize it has become one. Avoiding it can cause you to repeat the process without fixing it.

There is so much you can accomplish in a day but complacency can cause you to waste much needed energy on something trivial. One habit that you should break is sleeping too much. For those lacking energy it is recommended to try energy supplements. Getting a supplement that has energy producing nutrients like coq 10 is recommended.

Consistent use of social media and overworking yourself are the next two habits to break. Both can drain you mentally causing your energy to spiral. The last two habits are overthinking and staying angry. Anger from the past or present holding onto things can deplete your energy tremendously.

That is a lot to break down, but let’s get started in our five habits to avoid depleting your energy.

Too Much Sleep

Having too much sleep is not a luxury many people can have. Whether you are working or going or going to school. Maybe even both, believe it or not, too much sleep can deplete your energy.

How, well too much sleep can break your natural sleep cycle. It is important to get the recommended seven to eight hours a night, but if you are sleeping all day it can have the opposite effect.

Finding a well balanced sleep pattern can have you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. If you need energy during the day, it is recommended you use energy supplements.Preferrable one that has energy inducing vitamins or minerals like coq 10.

Coq 10 is an antioxidant that protects your mitochondria, which produces energy for the whole body. As we get older this natural product begins to decline so it is important to get it while we can.

Are You Using Social Media Too Much?

Social media isn’t all bad, but it depends on why and how often you use it. Of course some people need to use their phone for work, but not everyone. Depending on what your social media feed looks like, the things you see are not always positive.

Social media can make you feel bad about yourself, or even other people and that brings your mood down. You drain yourself of energy and emotionally can take a hit with too much social media. In 2022, a total of 3.96 billion people used social media.

There are ways to stop using social media though. Give yourself a time where you tell yourself no social media. This can be anytime of day, but write it down and stick to it. It is so easy to pick up your phone and get to swiping so it won’t be easy at first. If you stick with it, you won’t be disappointed.

Can You Be Overworked?

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are overworked. Too much on your plate can have you feeling stressed and under pressure.

Being overworked is not only bad mentally but physically as well. Whether you are standing all day or hovering over a keypad in an office. The mind and body can only take so much. Making a habit of doing too much can leave the body feeling lifeless.

When you are overworked you may rely on energy drinks or caffeine to get you through the day. You should be taking energy supplements instead. Those that have healthy and essential ingredients work best. It can be coq 10, vitamin B12, or proteins.

Overthinking and Anger

Overthinking can lead you down a rabbit hole of problems. The worst part about it is that it helps no one. Having your mind constantly being put to use like that can lead to some stressful times. Enough stress can cause you to have health problems like high blood pressure.

When you overthink that can lead to being worrisome. You can begin to question every decision you make, it could be for something small like picking what you want to eat. Then it could be something bigger like a conversation with a co-worker you took too seriously.

People like to overthink the past as well, which is something you have no control over. This stress can lead you to feeling drained of energy everytime you come around a certain person or discuss a topic.

Another byproduct of overthinking is anger. With anger this can come from the past or present as well. Held in anger, can cause you to be emotional all day and emotions are not supposed to be on high continually.

Of course there are some things that are more difficult to get over, but seeking help from others can be an option. People can be truly traumatized from events in their life, and it is important to take care of yourself.


There is only so much energy we can muster throughout the day, so spending it on bad habits is a waste. Bad habits come in many forms, but for the most part if we can identify them there is a way to overcome them.

There are options to avoid being tired for periods of time like energy supplements. They are products that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They supply us with energy boost to get through work, school or any daily activity.

The five habits that you should avoid are going to sleep too much and minimizing social media use. Try not to overwork or overthink yourself, this can lead to anxiety and worry that will surely drain your energy. Lastly, don’t hold in your anger. Anger held in can lead you to be emotional for long periods of time and unable to concentrate.